Continuing Airworthiness Management

Increase VIP & executive aircraft availability

To own and operate a VIP aircraft means the ultimate in mobility. But it also means that a number of legal requirements have to be fulfilled to ensure the safety of the aircraft and to meet authorities' airworthiness regulations.
Lufthansa Technik's Continuing Airworthiness and Aircraft Engineering Services (CAMO Services for VIP aircraft) support owners of private aircraft and governmental organizations in meeting these requirements – and at the same time increase the availability of their aircraft.

CAMO services and excellent maintenance management

Lufthansa Technik's services include:

  • Maintenance program
  • AD/SB assessment
  • Maintenance planning and control (including time control, maintenance check planning, status reports)
  • Weight and balance
  • Deferred defects management
  • Condition monitoring
  • Reliability reporting
  • Documentation management
  • and much more

Complete accountability …

Private aircraft operators may be entitled to contract the responsibility and management of continuing airworthiness to a qualified partner. Lufthansa Technik is a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO), qualified to take on full accountability for the airworthiness of VIP aircraft – or just a part of it. 

or just the right dose of support …

Lufthansa Technik also offers continuing airworthiness management support to aircraft owners who hold their own CAMO approval. They get the best support possible while staying accountable toward the authorities. 

… and anything else needed for worry-free operation.

Our Engineering Services include engineering consulting such as aircraft assessment or aircraft storage and a number of additional services supporting the customer‘s operation.