Triple Competence - Maintenance, design and production. All good things come in threes

Triple Competence

All good things come in threes

Maintenance, design and production

With unrivaled expertise and decades of experience in the airline industry, we are certified around the globe as a maintenance (Part 145), design (Part 21/J) and production (Part 21/G) organization. This triple approval is no mere coincidence – it is the result of our unique technical expertise. Ultimately it is a triple competence which qualifies us to perform virtually any task a customer might imagine – from repairs to design and development of parts and processes to fabrication and testing and even issuing the necessary airworthiness certificate.

Our competence in all dimensions enables us to advance the technology of aircraft systems, parts, components and processes. The technical leadership thus achieved is the foundation of our ability to support our customers with individual and innovative solutions for the entire spectrum of services covering every single part and every single aircraft.

Avionics test bench at Lufthansa Technik
Maintenance Organization (Part 145)

Kerosene in our blood

The maintenance of aircraft, engines and components is our core business. We are approved for this not only by the European and American aviation authorities, but also by many other national aviation authorities around the globe. But any organization is only as good as its employees. Our engineers and mechanics are proud of the planes they handle every day – "their" aircraft. And rightly so: They are part of a know-how reservoir that sets the benchmark for the maintenance, repair and overhaul industry worldwide. We know the technology of every type of aircraft literally inside and out – and have the technologies and experience required to maintain them.

Design Organization (Part 21/J)

Licensed to innovate

The Design Organization Approval certifies that we are meeting the requirements of EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency ) Part 21 Subpart J. Under the terms of this approval, we are entitled to perform design work on effectively all commercial aircraft, engines and parts – from avionics to structures to systems. Our scope encompasses major modifications (STC, Supplemental Type Certificate), major repairs, flight conditions as well as minor changes and repairs. For the minor changes and repairs, EASA has granted us the authority to certify without authority involvement, thus greatly improving effectiveness and reaction time.

“We have more than 600 people in 34 different organizational units around the globe who hold various Design Organization authorizations for designing aircraft repairs and modifications.”

Dr. Uwe Schueler, Vice President and Head of Design Organization and Office of Airworthiness

TIOS Radome Solutions
Production Organization (Part 21G)

Unique value in series

We turn ideas into lasting realities. Lufthansa Technik is the world's only maintenance, repair and overhaul enterprise that offers its own aviation-approved tangible product lines for commercial aviation as well as for individual VIP, government, executive and business aircraft. No matter if it's a fleet or a single aircraft – we manufacture unique value in series. Our successful products and solutions are certified and operationally proven in fleets throughout the world. For example, hundreds of jets fly with Lufthansa Technik's trend-setting cabin management and in-flight entertainment systems. Our high-speed connectivity solutions achieve benchmark performance, and our emergency floor path marking system is the standard equipment used by almost all aircraft manufacturers.

Your personal contact

Dr. Uwe Schueler

Vice President and Head of Design Organization and Office of Airworthiness

Lufthansa Technik AG

Hamburg, Germany