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The transition of an aircraft is stressful, time consuming and costly. Our aircraft transition services team supports you in every stage of your lease period - from the initial aircraft assessment and long-term lease asset management all the way to the lease return. With experience from over 400 transitions on all continents, dealing with a variety of lessors and contracts, our experts will make your lease easy for you.


The lease return begins with the lease in of the aircraft

When planning to lease an aircraft, there are many aspects to consider. Whether it is the physical assessment of the aircraft or the contract negotiation with the lessor – our experts make sure the aircraft perfectly fits your needs.

Ideal preparation and a precise review of all relevant aspects at lease in are the basis for a successful operation and eventually the smooth return of your leased aircraft. To ensure that the aircraft as well as the documentation match all the contractual delivery conditions we provide services from a stand-alone documentation review to full on-site project management of the transition event.

With lease asset management, our experts continuously track your aircrafts status and compare it to the lease requirements, supporting you to optimise your aircraft for each phase of the lease period by providing customized maintenance and repair recommendations as well as an up to date technical overview.

The lease return can be the most costly period of your lease. To return your aircraft to the lessor as cost efficient as possible, our transition services provide you with everything you need - from ad-hoc support for individual issues to the complete management of the entire lease return project, including documentation services, engineering support as well as on-site MRO and lessor coordination. With flexible solutions, our experts guarantee a smooth and cost-efficient transition.

“Our goal is to enable you to concentrate on the most important thing again: the successful daily operation of your fleet.”

Matthias Kuehlbauch, Head of Aircraft Transition Services

Established world leader in MRO-support as a service partner for transition services, including a wide range of expertise, whether with our MRO facilities, Part-145 and/or -21 services.

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Matthias Kuehlbauch

Head of Aircraft Transition Services

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