Total Base Maintenance Support

The smart solution for your fleet's base checks
One-stop base maintenance

Total Base Maintenance Support TBS® is the latest Total Support Service from Lufthansa Technik and a truly integrated base maintenance solution for operators. TBS® is a one-stop product, reducing the administrative effort normally associated with individually sourced base maintenance programs. All services are orchestrated from a single point and attuned to the customer's flight operations. 

There is always a place for you

The main features of TBS® are a sweeping slot guarantee and pricing that is oriented towards the customer's requirements. Lufthansa Technik puts airline-proven solutions from across the Lufthansa Technik Group's network to work to solve any technical problems an aircraft may have. And thanks to service guarantees and transparent performance measurements, operators retain control and the ability to monitor their fleets' base maintenance programs at all times. 

Flexible pricing models

In addition to guaranteed slot availability and optional integrated material logistics support (for Total Component Support TCS® customers), operators who choose Total Base Maintenance Support profit from individual and above all predictable pricing that enables flat rate billing as an alternative to a classic fixed price per check type and aircraft family. 

Customer advantages

  • Guaranteed slot availability
  • Significantly reduced administrative effort
  • Extended warranty commitment
  • Predictable costs
  • Flat rate pricing (optional)
  • Benefit sharing
  • High fleet reliability