ToolNOW is the very first online brokerage platform for tool loans in the aviation industry.


Marketplace for tool loans

Just borrow what you need!

ToolNOW is the very first online brokerage platform for tool loans in the aviation industry. With its simple and transparent loan process, the new AVIATAR application enables MROs, manufacturers and airlines to save costs by renting tools instead of buying them. At the same time, they can lend their own tools and equipment to the market.

“With ToolNOW, MRO companies, OEMs and airlines can share their tool inventories and are no longer dependent on the costly expansion of their own inventory.”

Martin Beecken, ToolNOW Project Manager at Lufthansa Technik.

ToolNOW application
Global Platform

Extend your network for tool provision

If you need a tool for a maintenance or repair task and there is none available in your warehouse, there are only two options: buy or rent it. ToolNOW makes the choice easy. The platform allows MRO companies, OEMs and airlines to share their tools with each other. Gone are the days when borrowing was limited by the extent of personal contacts to potential sources!Now you can just post your specific tool needs for a potential loan transaction by entering information about the tool and the requirements it must meet. Your request is then answered by other MRO companies, manufacturers and airlines on the platform ToolNOW.

Usability as a feature

Right from the start of its development, the functionalities of the ToolNOW platform were defined and implemented in close cooperation with future users. The lending process is simplified considerably through standardized requests and offers, reducing the time between request and delivery of the tools. In addition, users can track the realtime status of their requests at all times. Has the request already been read? Has someone made an offer? All important information is available at a glance so that customers can track on the current status of their requests.

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