Technical Operations Management – TOM

Aircraft availability and predictable costs for your fleet
On-site maintenance and fleet management

In conjunction with a Total Technical Support (TTS®) contract, TOM enables operators to enjoy far-reaching efficiency advantages resulting from synergies in service integration and reduced complexity in their organizations. A Lufthansa Technik fleet manager at the customer's home base integrates all MRO activities contracted in a TTS® agreement into a comprehensive service package. Operators can focus their management capacity and financial resources on business development while maintaining full control over technical issues. 

Fleet manager on site

Lufthansa Technik provides all local line maintenance services on a long-term basis, working closely with the operator to optimize the integration of maintenance and engineering services into the airline's flight operations and ensure the smooth functioning of all other MRO services. The permanent presence of both a fleet manager and a Lufthansa Technik team at the customer's home base ensures both a close and well-coordinated working relationship and the optimal adaptation of Lufthansa Technik's services to the airline's requirements. The fleet manager solves all technical problems, backed by direct access to the entire range of solutions offered by the global Lufthansa Technik network. Thanks to service guarantees and transparent performance measurements, the operator retains control and the ability to monitor operations at all times. 

Full control with manage/m®

IT integration via Lufthansa Technik's websuite manage/m® is a key element of TOM. 24/7 access to relevant data via a simple Internet connection and unlimited data ownership ensure that aircraft operators retain full control of maintenance activities. manage/m® is secured with the latest encryption technology and maintained by Lufthansa Technik. 

Customer advantages

  • Tranparent performance through KPIs
  • Single-point communication
  • Dedicated fleet manager
  • Budget reliability
  • Airline background
  • Low investment – flexible cost structure
  • Reduced complexity – full control
  • Quick maintenance set-up
  • Integrated IT solution
  • Reliable MRO partner
  • Lufthansa Technik network
  • Future-oriented capacity management