Total Material Operations

Your optimum materials supply
Even more than Total Component Support

With Total Material Operations TMO® as your partner for material management, Lufthansa Technik guarantees that parts and materials will always be available when they are needed: anytime, anyplace in the world. This far-reaching service is based on Total Component Support TCS®. However, on top of the advantages of TCS® – for example, component pooling and the associated economies of scale – TMO® customers also enjoy a number of benefits on the operating side. 

Guaranteed supply and logistics

Starting with Lufthansa Technik's proven pooling system coupled with dedicated maintenance, overhaul and repair services for rotables, TMO® also covers the entire material supply and logistics process, including consumables, expendables and buyer-furnished equipment. All provisioning is handled by Lufthansa Technik. All administrative overhead relating to the transportation and return of replacement and repaired parts is carried entirely by Lufthansa Technik, which is also responsible for replenishing depots in the airline's network. 

Worry-free operations

Total Material Operations is rounded off by careful planning and precision performance. The continuous on-site presence of material management staff from Lufthansa Technik coupled with direct data linking using the latest IT integration technology ensures that every part of the customer's flight operation is supplied at all times. This reduces administrative costs while at the same time boosting fleet availability, since it is possible to plan more accurately for routine maintenance and to respond more quickly in case of unplanned maintenance events (AOG). 

Customer advantages

  • Higher aircraft availability
  • Integrated material management
  • Optimum response times for AOG requests
  • Local material manager
  • Minimum downtimes
  • Planned event management
  • Significant reduction of complexity in operations