Total Landing Gear Support

The wingmen of your wheels
Integrated care product

Lufthansa Technik's integrated Total Landing Gear Support TLS® accompanies the customer's landing gear over its entire life cycle. TLS® starts the moment the landing gear is put on the aircraft: operational times are monitored, life-limited parts are tracked, support for AOG events and Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) is planned and scheduled, and overhauls, including exchange units, are processed. The service portfolio even includes the provision of leasing and loan plans up to the final resale. 

Exchange shipsets

Landing gear overhauls are almost entirely done on an exchange basis rather than in the closed-loop process. Lufthansa Technik customers receive an overhauled landing gear assembly at the agreed time and the unserviceable unit is sent back for overhaul. The overhauled gear is then ready for the next customer airplane. Landing gear spares are available for use by multiple operators, eliminating the need to keep your own spare shipsets and reducing your costs. 

Cost-effective solutions

Especially for smaller fleets, the all-encompassing 24/7 guaranteed services of Total Landing Gear Support prove to be quite cost-effective. With 100 percent in-house process capability, Lufthansa Technik can respond fast and flexibly to all requirements of the landing gear overhaul process. And our airline background and accumulated experience are reflected in the cost efficiency and technical quality of all the landing gear services in TLS®. 

Customer advantages

  • Exchange gear pool
  • 100 percent in-house process capability
  • 24/7 guaranteed services
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Highest technical quality
  • Cost efficiency
  • Lifecycle support