Visible progress

The project is advancing well and entering its next phase

The Lockheed Super Star project of Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung (DLBS) and Lufthansa Technik is entering its final phase. Large sections of the work scaffolding that had previously obstructed the view of the fuselage are no longer needed in the future for the structural work and have already been dismantled. The rear fuselage barrel, referred to as "Barrel 8", has been returned to its original position following repair. The prerequisite for this was among other things the final installation of the rear pressure bulkhead.

Project Manager Andreas Pakszies is pleased with the visible progress: "We have come to the point where the structural work is so far advanced that we can additionally devote ourselves with full force to the system installation and the topics of components and material preparation."

A further critical milestone was reached in May with the successful replacement of the four large "Wing-to-Body Fittings", which had to be remade in a complex process specially for this project.

Though not yet installed on the aircraft, the nose and main landing gear for the Super Star are ready for installation. These were delivered to Auburn from the landing gear workshops in Hamburg in spring.

The parts of the digital flight deck donated by Honeywell are also already on site. The Super Star team in Auburn also plans to install these shortly as they work steadfastly toward completing the project on time.