Comfy chair with a history

With great expertise and attention to detail tailored seats

Parallel with the retro design of the future aircraft cabin, in the past few months the Super Star cabin team designed specially styled passenger seats with a retro look for the Super Star. In appearance, the new seat design is based on the "Comforette" first class seats that Lufthansa installed on board its Lockheed L-1049G "Super Constellation" and L-1649A "Super Star" long-haul aircraft in the late 1950s. However, except for this visual reminder of the "golden age of aviation," the new seats, which in the future will seat passengers of the Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung (DLBS), have nothing in common with their historic models.

Since time and money were short, the Super Star team for Phase II, under the leadership of Burkhard Linke, resorted to scrapped Lufthansa business class seats from the late 90s. After their replacement by more modern models, Lufthansa put these mechanically adjustable double seats in storage so they were available to the Super Star team in sufficient numbers.

It's a small miracle, and a demonstration of the Super Star team's great engineering and craftsmanship, that it was possible to create the comparatively delicate-looking seats for the Super Star from the relatively solid-looking original seats. Burkhard Linke says, "The seats, which were originally designed for the wide cabin of an Airbus A300-600R long-haul aircraft, had to be adapted in many small steps to the relatively narrow fuselage and the separation of the seat rails on board the L-1649A."

The visual appearance is no illusion; the facts show to what extent the seats, originally built by Weber Aircraft (now Zodiac Seats), "slimmed down." After all modifications, the double seat upholstered with very fine, dark red leather lost a total of 23 kilos and now weighs only 67 kilos. The Super Star team in Hamburg, in cooperation with the design team led by Michael Reichenecker in VIP & Executive Jet Solutions, is responsible for the design work while the production and approval of the new seats have been assigned to the California-based US company Flight Line Products, which specializes in such modifications for aircraft seating.

And that's how DLBS was able to commission a high-quality seat styled in a late-50s retro design, which will more than satisfy the highest standards in quality and comfort for future Super Star passengers. DLBS Chairman Bernhard Conrad took delivery personally and was visibly satisfied with the product created by Lufthansa Technik.