Preparations for flying operations

First maintenance technicians complete classroom training

After passing their examinations, participants of the first Lockheed Super Star EASA Part 66 B1 & B2 theoretical course given by Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) formally received their certificates on 8 July. As technicians employed by the Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung (DLBS), it is they who will carry out all the maintenance work on the Lockheed Super Star in the future.

Following intensive preparations, LTT finally received the individual approvals for three EASA CAT B1 & CAT B2 Lockheed L-1649A and Curtiss Wright R3350 theoretical courses from the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA), making it possible for the first course to start in the spring. All four of the DLBS's hand-picked participants passed the examinations.

The course was held between 18 March and 30 April 2013 in Hamburg. Highly experienced instructors, some of whom had themselves worked on Lufthansa's Super Stars in the 1950s, covered the areas of electrics, avionics, airframe and powerplant. On 8 July Silke Kaden, Secretary of DLBS, and Dr. Matthias Panten, Technical Operations Manager of the DLBS, invited the course graduates to a formal certificate presentation ceremony in Hamburg. Andreas Kaden, Managing Director of Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT), and LTT project manager Thomas Bund handed out the documents.

A second Super Star course is to be held between 11 December of this year and 31 January 2014 in Hamburg. The lessons learned from the first course are already flowing into the design of the next one.

The holding of the course and hence the qualification of the future technicians of the DLBS are important milestones in the Super Star project. The next step is for the course graduates to build on their theoretical knowledge by gaining some practical experience on the Super Star in Auburn. This practical training is stipulated by the EASA as necessary for the Super Star's license record.