A321 of the German Air Force

Special Air Mission Wing of the German Air Force

All-round support for government aircraft

Reliability – a matter of honor

When government officials travel around the world, they need extremely reliable means of transport. The German Special Air Mission Wing trusts us to ensure this reliability for the aircraft of the German government.

Working in close partnership, we help to assure that the planes are always ready to go. The great mutual trust is based on the successful cooperation with the Special Air Mission Wing, which has been going on for about 60 years now. It began in 1959 with the maintenance of twin-engine propeller aircraft and, following many more milestones, has continued through the recent completion of the latest A321.

“The operational area of the Special Air Mission Wing is the world. Constant operational readiness, flexibility and responsiveness are required. In this context, we can always rely on Lufthansa Technik's technical and logistical support. From a competent contact person in Germany to on-site personnel support and the supply and provision of all materials and tools, everything is provided from a single source – professionally, on time and in line with our requirements.”

Captain Oliver Hartmann, Head of Quality Assurance Special Air Mission Wing, German Ministry of Defense

Special Air Mission Wing of the German Air Force
Technical Support

Our mission: Operational readiness

We support the Special Air Mission Wing of the German Ministry of Defense in the daily operation of their airplanes by providing extensive technical services. We have assumed the management of technical services, are responsible for the maintenance of aircraft, engines and components and take care of the supply of spare parts. The provision and revision of aeronautical and technical documentation is also part of our tasks. The supported fleet consists of two Airbus A340 and two A319 aircraft as well as four Global 5000 jets.

A321 for the German government
Conversion of an A321

A new member for the fleet

The newest member of this fleet, an Airbus A321, was thoroughly refurbished, modified and equipped by us before it was handed over. After a complete overhaul we fabricated the furnishings for the new cabin and procured the essential components such as seats, galleys as well as the communication and IFE system. The special equipment of the aircraft includes, for example, antennas for extended communication options and two additional fuel tanks to increase the aircraft's range required extensive modifications to the frame.

Following the ground and flight tests of the aircraft we assumed the civil and subsequent military certification of the plane. Since, we have accepted the technical support for this aircraft as well, it will become a regular visitor in our hangars.

The Special Air Mission Wing Aircraft

On duty for the German government

We provide technical support for the fleet of the Special Mission Air Wing fleet of the German Armed Forces consisting of:

  • 2 Airbus A340 for a maximum of 143 passengers each
  • 1 Airbus A321, handover to the German Armed Forces in September 2018
  • 2 Airbus A319ACJ with a maximum capacity of 44 passengers each
  • 4 Bombardier Global 5000 for a maximum of 13 passengers each

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Wieland Timm, Head of Sales VIP & Special Mission Aircraft

Wieland Timm

Head of Sales VIP & Special Aircraft Services

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