SKYpower Millennium 110 V / 60 Hz

Unlimited range
Now business travelers are able to work more effectively

With SKYpower every seat gets a 110 V / 60 Hz global power source. The maximum output of each socket reaches up to 75 Watts. Laptops with both European and US-plugs can be connected to the compact designed SKYpower. It does not require any additional notebook DC-DC power converter. The already certified and multiply tested system has a whole string of important safety features to ensure passenger and aircraft protection: among other things a ground fault protection (GFI) shuts off the power at the slightest defect and a mechanical protection prevents manipulation. Three sensors and a micro-controller release power only if a certified plug is engaged. Therefore, misuse is ruled out. A LED system indicates status information to the user. So that SKYpower fits optically to every seat, it is offered in ten different colors. 

Customer advantages

  • No DC-DC power converter required
  • 110 Volt AC / 60 Hertz
  • Global use: build for US- and European plugs
  • Ground fault protection (GFI)
  • Highest level of safety
  • Certified, tried and tested

110 Volt/60 Hertz

The chosen voltage of 110 VAC with a frequency of 60 cycles is the most universal power supply at present. All common laptops usually can be supplied with 110 to 220 volt. During take-off and landing the entire SKYpower system can be turned off with a manual master switch. In case of drop in pressure or turbulence in the aircraft the system will turn off automatically if the decompression signal is connected. 

75 Watts

The maximum output of each socket reaches up to 75 Watts. That is more than enough, because most of the laptops and other Passenger Electronic Devices have a lower power consumption. 

Compact design

The current plug version has been reduced in size to 50 percent compared with the predecessor model. With measurements of 37 mm x 46 mm x 21 mm and a weight of only 54 g, SKYpower is much more compact than comparable products. Thus, building SKYpower into the seat or the side panel is very easy and saves space. 

US- and European plugs

SKYpower Millennium is compatible with two- and three-pin US plugs as well as with two-pin European plugs. Other plugs, such as three pin European versions can be connected with a common mechanical adapter. 


Already Lufthansa and more than 30 world-wide operating customers trust in the robust and secure SKYpower Millennium. The installation of thousands of systems has experienced a unique reliability and safety. 

Ground fault protection (GFI)

A built-in ground fault interrupt device (GFI) deactivates the system in case of chafing wirings or shorts within only 0.03 seconds. The maximum fault current is limited to 0.03 mA. 

Safety features

Three sensors and a micro-controller release power only if a plug is engaged. A bolt prevents the power, if liquids or sharp objects like knitting needles get into the SKYpower unit. Additionally safety is guaranteed by a mechanical child protection device, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, interlocking and EMI filtering. 

LED system status information

A LED directly on the socket informs the user about the current status with three different colors:

  • Green: Indicates power available.
  • Amber: Indicates temporarily no power available or incorrect use such as a mismatching plug.
  • Red: Indicates power disabled by master control unit (during take-off, landing or turbulence).
  • LED off: Indicates BITE-fault by the converter unit, no power.

Another LED at the outside of the seat or in the ceiling panel informs the crew members about electrical devices in use. That helps to ensure that ventilation of electrical devices is not obstructed, unnoticed by blankets or newspaper for example. 


SKYpower has the opportunity for individual design adaptation. In order to fit in each aircraft interior, SKYpower is offered in ten different colors. On request even more colors are possible.