SKEYOS Marketplace

SKEYOS Marketplace

Next Level MRO Procurement

Online marketplace for MRO component services

Ordering repair services for components can be a rather lengthy and intransparent process. And selling repair services for components is often a rather time-consuming and inefficient process as well. Skeyos, the new digital marketplace for the aviation industry where users can buy and sell MRO component services, is the solution.

Skeyos is the pioneering digital marketplace for component services in the MRO industry. The start-up combines the technical expertise and high-quality standards of Lufthansa Group with a dynamic and innovative approach tailored for today's demands. It brings together purchasers and suppliers globally and enables direct purchases including order management. The Skeyos Marketplace can either be integrated into existing IT environments or used as an independent platform.

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SKEYOS Marketplace

Benefits for Purchasers

  • Search, compare and order directly via one single interface
  • Obtain full transparency on prices, work scopes, certificates and terms
  • Track and manage all orders from various suppliers via one consolidated channel
  • Fast, convenient and free of charge
SKEYOS Marketplace

Benefits for Suppliers

  • No more RFQs: receive orders directly online
  • Customize your offer for every purchaser
  • Generate new business from our global network of verified purchasers
  • Flexible, secure and efficient