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Your needs shape our service

Whether you are looking for the repair of a single component or a global maintenance agreement for an entire fleet of aircraft, our services follow the same logic: what matters is not what we have to offer, but what your airline needs. 

The customer care company

With about 800 international customers, Lufthansa Technik leads the world's MRO market. This customer base includes regional start-ups, small and mid-sized carriers, legacy airlines that operate around the world, and even private and governmental aircraft. So we know from experience that a one-size-fits-all solution is no solution at all. After all, there's a big difference between flying just a few aircraft and owning a major legacy airline that is planning a fleet change.

Other important factors are, for example, the ownership structure: leased aircraft have, in part, different maintenance requirements than a fleet you own. Fusions and takeovers also play a role: when two airlines join forces, the technical resources at one site may not be enough to handle all the aircraft. And when a mixed fleet results, the technical team may suddenly be confronted with the need for completely different know-how. These and many other factors will be analyzed when we sit down with you to develop an individual service solution for your airline. So just ask. We look forward to working with you. 

It all depends on the services you need

So that you can orient yourself more easily, the navigation menu on the left side of the photo shows all the product and services areas included in Lufthansa Technik's portfolio. Under Total Support Services, to name our lead product, you'll find a comprehensive presentation of our concept and portfolio for integrated and worry-free service support packages.