Nina loves to cross her personal borders. She also does it for her customers.

It's not our work that defines us. It's our people.

Crossing limits is part of her daily life

The obvious is often not the solution

"Once you start finding a solution, you frequently find out that the obvious scene in the beginning was not the real problem in the end", knows Nina Schulz, Head of  Product Sales Base Maintenance EMEA. She is a sales person from heart. Why? Nina is constantly seeking the best solution for her customers by bringing together all players. That is crucial but rarely an easy task. However, this is exactly what Nina is seeking. As a fourfold IRONMAN finisher she has proven that giving up is no option. If necessary, she loves to walk the extra mile for her customers. 

It's not our work that defines us. It's our people. 

Watch the video to find out that Nina crosses limits - her personal ones and for her customers