Pioneers in safety

"SafeDrone by Lufthansa Technik" minimizes risks for pilots and drones

Propellers are swarming the skies in increasing numbers: Remote-controlled drones were a popular Christmas gift for hobby pilots, and what's more, increasing numbers of professional providers have also discovered drones as a source of new business ideas. Unmanned aviation is currently experiencing an unbelievable boom – and there's no end in sight by any means. Reputable stakeholders from sectors such as aviation, insurance, logistics and IT are surpassing themselves already with their growth predictions. Yet while manned aviation is meanwhile thoroughly regulated and safer than ever thanks to processes developed over decades, many safety and quality questions in unmanned aviation still remain unanswered. 

  • 2017 SafeDrone
    "SafeDrone by Lufthansa Technik" minimizes risks for pilots and drones.
  • 2017 SafeDrone Plates
    All registered providers and drone pilots receive a drone identification plate.
  • 2017 SafeDrone Community
    The "SafeDrone" community is committed to ensuring safety and ongoing education in flying drones.
  • 2017 SafeDrone WBT
    "SafeDrone" fulfills current legal requirements or sets practical standards.
  • 2017 SafeDrone Training
    The online training contents were compiled by experts at Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa Aviation Training.

"SafeDrone by Lufthansa Technik" was launched in 2017 to minimize the uncertainties and risks involved in unmanned aviation. It is an open platform that will gradually provide all market players with direct access to recognized standards for technology, quality and safety. "SafeDrone" fulfills current legal requirements or sets practical standards where no guidelines exist yet. Lufthansa Technik is pursuing an open collaboration with providers from the industry to continually improve and expand the program's portfolio.

Organizations and drone pilots can use the platform to register with their aerial vehicle. The number of people who have committed to flying their drones safely and to continuous further education has already grown to more than 10,000 since "SafeDrone" was established at the beginning of 2017. As a member of the "SafeDrone" community, registered users not only receive access to online training and documents for operating drones, they also receive the option of purchasing identification plates or insurance for their drones. The basic package will be extended continually with the inclusion of additional components, such as a training platform or innovative maintenance solutions to meet the needs of discerning and professional users.

The advantage of the test offered by "SafeDrone" is that it can be taken online and is thus not tied to any specific location. In addition, "SafeDrone" also offers free basic training for drone pilots who do not require any official proof of knowledge, as part of its efforts to raise awareness among these pilots for the safe and responsible use of their drones. The online training contents were compiled by experts at Lufthansa  Technik and Lufthansa Aviation Training under consideration of all the requirements of the German aviation authorities.

Lufthansa Technik will present "SafeDrone" live from 26 - 28 September 2017 together with Lufthansa Aerial Services at the Interaerial Solutions Trade Fair in Berlin, Hall 6, Booth A 060.