Resource Conservation

As well as developing environmental protection solutions for customers, Lufthansa Technik views the environmental protection measures within its own processes and sites as extremely important. Here, resource conservation and emission reductions go hand-in-hand. 

Avoid, reduce, recycle

The processes of Lufthansa Technik are designed so that effects on the environment are avoided as far as possible, but as a minimum are reduced in the best possible way. If an effect is unavoidable, the opportunity to reuse and recycle is taken up wherever possible. Thus, on average over 60 percent of the waste generated at Lufthansa Technik is sent away for recycling. Where possible, waste water generated is purified through in-house reprocessing measures so that it can be reused in the company's own process cycles. 

Repair rather than throw away

The service life of complex technical systems in the aircraft can be extended through maintenance and overhaul. Efficiency and reliability are improving. As far as possible parts requiring replacement are initially repaired rather than being thrown away. In this way the company is actively helping to get more use out of materials and to treat finite resources in a responsible way. 

Environmental protection standards at Lufthansa Technik sites

An in-house building standard, which is in force throughout the Group, is helping to steadily improve energy efficiency at Lufthansa Technik sites worldwide. Through a variety of measures, from building refurbishment to investment in our own energy supply and raising awareness when it comes to the everyday use of energy, Lufthansa Technik is seeking to make an even greater contribution towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Further substantial CO2 savings are realized with a highly efficient cogeneration plant at Lufthansa Technik's base in Hamburg.