Supplementary Services

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Maintenance Services

Perfect maintenance is the prerequisite for any profitable flight operation. Lufthansa Technik, together with its partners, offers first-class line and base maintenance services for regional aircraft, ensuring reliable and safe operations every day. Offering all the technical support for letter checks and beyond a regional aircraft operator may need, the portfolio of dedicated aircraft services includes such essential elements as aircraft modifications, aircraft painting and other additional services. 

Engineering Services

Lufthansa Technik is much more than an MRO provider; it is also certificated by the civil aviation authorities as a recognized design and production organization. This wide-ranging competence goes a long way to explain the company's position of industry leadership and worldwide customer satisfaction. With decades of operational experience, its engineering services can reduce and optimize the maintenance burden of an operator's fleet, while maintaining safety and improving operational reliability. 

Technical Training

Lufthansa Technical Training is an internationally recognized leading training organization for all staff involved in aircraft maintenance operations and can provide any type of technical training. In the airline industry, there is an essential and close relationship between theory and practical on-the-job training which is decisive in achieving high quality with cost-efficiency. The courses closely reflect the experience gained in the daily business of Lufthansa Technik and operation of the Lufthansa fleet. 

Flight Training

Professionalism pays. Well-trained cockpit crews, cabin crews and dispatchers ensure optimum safety and service in all aspects of flight operations. With its latest-generation simulators and up-to-the-minute teaching methods CST Berlin (CityLine Canadair Simulator and Training GmbH) provides training to the highest standards. With the know-how and experience of one of the world's leading regional jet operators, CST Berlin ensures that crews rapidly achieve a high level of proficiency.