Corporate Procurement

Basic aim of Corporate Procurement is to guarantee the procurement of adequate material and services according to our guidelines concerning place, time, quality and quantity on best economical conditions including optimization of all related processes, logistics, capital investment and utilization of material.

  • Aircraft Related Goods and Services

We buy engines and engine parts, components and systems such as airframe material, interior, landing gear, avionics, wheels & brakes, electronic power (ATA chapters 20-57) as well as related maintenance and overhaul services.

  • Non Aircraft Related Goods and Services

Our purchasing volume also comprises general goods such as machines, vehicles, chemicals, office supplies, tools, cosumable material as well as consulting services, IT services and reconstructional work on buildings.

Supplier Portal

Your accounting wishes more transparency and flexibility to get information on the status of your invoices? Or whether we have received it? Sign up here.

Supplier Portal is a web-based solution to access your digital statement of account for invoices issued to Lufthansa Technik, 24/7.

What are your benefits?

  • No costs: It's for free!
  • Flexibility: Real-time statement of account
  • Transparency: Status per invoice
  • Information about payments and cleared items
  • Communication: Direct contact to LH Group Accounting



New users: How to register PDF 124 KB
How to register (detailed) PDF 376 KB
Existing users: How to request finance role PDF 385 KB
Manual Supplier Portal PDF 306 KB
Handbuch Supplier Portal (in German) PDF 285 KB

How you can send invoices to
Lufthansa Technik

We offer three billing options. Sending your invoice/credit note via different channels (e.g. SPEC2000 & paper) should not occur as this leads to additional work and additional need for clarification.


Electronic Invoicing

Various electronic options are available such as SPEC2000, Aeroexchange, and IATA SIS. Electronic invoicing via SPEC2000 / Aeroexchange offers the advantage of fast processing and low clarification requirements due to the standardization and the (EDI) interface.

Please ask your direct contact person if you are interested and require further information.

PDF Invoicing

Please send PDF invoices and their attachments to our dedicated e-mail inbox:

Please do not send any reminders etc. to the above address, but use the contact options listed under Contact (see below) for content-related inquiries and reminders etc.
Attention: Only invoices with the correct Lufthansa Technik AG billing address will be accepted, you can find it in the next section.

All information/requirements about PDF invoices are summarized in the following information sheet: 
PDF-Invoicing information for suppliers / Informationsblatt PDF Rechnungssstellung

Hard Copy (Paper) Invoicing

Since invoicing by e-mail (PDF) usually allows faster processing and increases in traceability than sending hard copies as well as no additional costs for you, LHT prefers to receive invoices by e-mail (or by "electronic invoicing") instead of hard copies. If sending via e-mail/electronically is not possible (e.g. technical requirements cannot be met), please send hard copy invoices via mail to the following address:

Lufthansa Technik AG 
HAM T/TA-A Invoice Control
Weg beim Jaeger 193
22335 Hamburg

Invoice Requirements

In order to process an invoice correctly, it must comply with the relevant legal requirements (see §14 UStG, among others). The minimum requirements of an invoice are as follows:

  • "Invoice" or "Credit note" included
  • Name and address of the invoicing party
  • (Correct) Name and address of the recipient
  • Invoice number and date
  • (if applicable) Tax rate & tax number of the invoicing party and the recipient
  • Description (product / service)
  • Quantity and unit price
  • Correct amounts and currency
  • For invoices with order reference: Indication of the order number & indication of the order item
  • For invoices without order reference: name or department of the contact person at Lufthansa Technik (& if applicable, cost center)

In case of invoices that do not comply with the legal/minimal requirements or contain an incorrect invoice address, Lufthansa Technik reserves the right to reject the invoice or return it for correction.


Lufthansa Technik AG Supplier Self Registration Process PDF 1 MB
General Purchase Terms and Conditions of Lufthansa Technik Aktiengesellschaft (LHT AG) PDF 407 KB
Allgemeine Einkaufsbedingungen der Lufthansa Technik Aktiengesellschaft (LHT AG) in German PDF 453 KB
Invoicing information for suppliers - PDF PDF 71 KB
Informationsblatt Rechnungsstellung - PDF in German PDF 73 KB
Restricted Substances PDF 73 KB