Novair becomes first CFM LEAP-1A Engine Services customer of Lufthansa Technik

  • Lufthansa Technik receives LBA approval for the engine type

The Swedish charter carrier Nova Airlines AB (Novair) and Lufthansa Technik have signed a long-term exclusive Engine maintenance services contract for the CFM International LEAP-1A engines of Novair's two Airbus A321neo aircraft. Thereby, Novair has become the launching airline customer of Lufthansa Technik's technical services for this new engine type.  

Recently, Lufthansa Technik has received the approval for this engine type by the German federal aviation administration LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt) and is now in the position to offer comprehensive technical support for the LEAP-1A.  

Covered by the new contract are different services, like engineering, overhaul and testing, mobile engine services (MES), engine parts repair and warranty handling.  

"The Novair operation is all about maximum aircraft use for our business, and minimum environmental effect for our legacy. Every decision and provider selection is scrutinized from these aspects. Lufthansa Technik's long-proven record with Novair has made Lufthansa Technik an essential partner and factor to our success. It is with a feeling of comfort, coming from a period of challenges on the LEAP-1A, we sign this contract with Lufthansa Technik. We look forward to a cooperation that, as it always has, will include Lufthansa Technik's non-compromising effort to learn and develop the service to a market-leader position in support, quality and value for money spent." said Anders Fred, CEO at Novair. 

"The signature of the first LEAP-1A contract is a real milestone for Lufthansa Technik. I would like to thank Novair for the trust they set in us and their willingness to extend our long standing relationship by the technical support for this new engine type," said Dietmar Focke, Vice President Engine Services at Lufthansa Technik. "We are ramping-up our capability and capacity to support our customers in the early phase of their operations and beyond. This agreement with Novair is another milestone to become one of the leading LEAP full service providers".  

Novair and Lufthansa Technik started their cooperation on V2500 engine services in 2005. Lufthansa Technik will be ready for the induction of the first LEAP-1A engines at its Hamburg facility by the end of this year. 

Under  its CBSA (CFM Branded Service Agreement) license Lufthansa Technik is able to offer the widest  range of services to its customers. 

Lufthansa Technik is an authorized LEAP-1A Service Provider licensed by CFM International.