EME Aero has introduced new engine type to its portfolio, offering to the GTF network PW1500G engine series maintenance service

  • New engine type in EME Aero portfolio; PW1500G commercial engine, powering the Airbus A220 capabilities for GTF network.
  • Two GTF engine types capabilities: PW1100G-JM and PW1500G including full maintenance process: disassembly, assembly and testing.
  • Innovative assembly system supporting the annual volume of 450 shop visits' as of 2026.

EME Aero, the engine services joint venture between Lufthansa Technik AG and MTU Aero Engines AG, has completed aviation authority certification process and obtained EASA 145 certification as a maintenance organization for another type of engine, Pratt & Whitney PW1500G series. Beyond that, EME Aero received the customer approval by aircraft operator Swiss and has just inducted the first PW1500G engine at the shop in Jasionka, Poland.

"We started our operation in December 2019 and performed an extremely ambitious ramp up for the PW1100G-JM with more than 50 engines inductions in 2020, on the way of becoming the largest and most modern GTF Engine shop in the world. On top of that we launched the next step – the preparation for PW1500G engines capability and the engine's induction targeted for mid-2021. Despite obstacles resulting from COVID-19 restrictions, our team along with the support from our shareholders as well as Pratt & Whitney, managed to stay right on track with the first induction and with our ramp according to plan," says Derrick Siebert, CEO and Managing Director of Business.

"The introduction of the PW1500G series at our shop marks a major milestone in the company's short history, since the technical requirements of this engine technology are demanding. PW1500G leads to more than 35 shop visits this and next year and extends EME Aero's capability. Despite of difficult pandemic situation and necessity to workremotely with special processes approvals, EME Aero has successfully completed the project and is going to strengthen the repair services within the Pratt & Whitey network. This results from the great collaboration of EME Aero team, the support of our shareholders and Pratt & Whitney trainers team," adds Robert Maślach COO, Managing Director of Operations.

EME Aero, from the moment the company was established, has been focused on implementing innovative and advanced solutions. The shop was given three years to implement high-tech assembly concept that would ensure top-class maintenance for GTF engines family. Having in mind the challenge of joining three GTF engines types in one shop, together with MTU's Munich team EME Aero is on a good way to implement the high- tech flow line system.

"This assembly system is a unique on its own offering high level of process commonality to the entire GTF family. This means that a PW1500G doesn't have to be put through an assembly system custom-built for that engine type, but can also be overhauled on the same assembly line with PW1100G-JM. So we are ready for the flexible and effective approach and performance," explains Derrick Siebert.

EME Aero flow line concept is not typical stationary system such as those used in MRO operations. Instead, the engines are fitted to freely moving, floor-based carriers that can be pulled in and out of the production line without disturbing the overall flow. At the heart of the concept are two modern and technically brilliant systems: the mobile transport and overhaul system (MTOS) that handles the complete teardown of engines along the flow line, while partial disassembly is performed in the stationary docks of the fixed overhaul system (FOS). Thanks to this solution, our assembly line can be fully adapted to different GTF family engines supporting high volume demand for upcoming years. – adds Robert Maślach.

EME Aero stands by its strategic goals of 450 service visits per year and employment of 1,000 people by 2026.