The reception of PDF invoices via e-mail

Lufthansa Technik AG offers you as supplier the possibility to send
invoices as PDF documents via e-mail.

Your advantages

  • You save costs for paper, printing and postage.
  • The time between sending and receiving the invoice will be reduced. (mailing vs. e-mailing)


Requirements to the PDF invoice

  • The PDF invoice has to be a text-PDF document. (see FAQs)
  • The PDF invoice must not be a scanned paper document.
  • All invoice relevant information need to be text elements in the PDF document in order to make the information extractable.
  • One PDF document can contain several invoices.
  • The layout of PDF invoices has to remain unchanged.
  • The PDF invoice must not include any form fields.
  • The PDF invoice must not be protected by a password.

Requirements to the e-mail

  • The e-mail must not exceed a total size of 35 MB.
  • One e-mail may include more than one PDF invoice.
  • Appendices to an invoice can be attached to the same e-mail as the PDF invoice.
  • Attention: By sending invoices with appendices the e-mail must only include the corresponding PDF invoice and the relevant attachments.