PTU NG - air medical transportation equipment

Intensive care above the clouds

Lufthansa Technik's Patient Transport Unit Next Generation (PTU NG) offers the latest medical technology. It presents the optimum solution for transporting patients requiring intensive medical care and for medical evacuation missions (Medevac). Improvements of the established design are based on the in-service experience of many operators around the globe using the PTU today. 

Enhanced design and proven technologies

The Patient Transport Unit NG is featuring a modern design concept, building on proven technologies. It's a joint development together with Aerolite Max Bucher AG, a well-known specialized production and design organization for intensive care equipment in aircraft. The combination of composite panels, aluminum integral structures and special edge protections delivers a low-weight and robust construction. At the same time, load limits were raised and the oxygen system is enhanced. Thanks to its modular design, the PTU NG can be tailored to the specific medical support requirements of each individual customer, offering perfect solutions for medical services of airlines, flying hospitals on special missions and to customized installations on governmental and VIP aircraft. 

Modular unit – versatile platform

The next generation of Lufthansa Technik's Patient Transport Unit features a modular design consisting of three basic elements: two modules (upper and lower) provide the basis for the bed with a very comfortable mattress. An optional ergonomic, versatile and space-saving equipment rack can accommodate a comprehensive set of medical instruments. The three modules are connected by quick-locks, enabling the unit to be assembled or disassembled in less than 30 minutes. With its variable rail adapter, the PTU NG can be quickly and easily installed in the cabins of many different aircraft types. It integrates virtually any medical equipment commonly used in intensive care, including an optional EASA-certified internal oxygen system. All equipment is supplied with power via a universal power connection. A control panel and displays indicate power availability, oxygen pressure and system status. 

Great flexibility and choice of equipment

The medical equipment and fittings are defined by the customer and may be buyer-furnished, with various standard configurations and options available. Where multiple PTUs are installed in an aircraft, operators will benefit from the ergonomic design of the system, which enables one person to monitor several patients. Each individual unit has a number of connection options, ensuring redundancy of various systems. For example, compressed air and oxygen can be cross-fed to an adjacent Patient Transport Unit. 


Available for many Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier aircraft types in private and governmental operations (including 747-8 and A380), as well as for turboprop transport aircraft (e.g. C-160, C-295 military transport). 

Standard PTU NG specifications

  • Dimensions:
    Width ~ 2.08 m
    Depth ~ 0.65 m
    Height 1.50 m
    (without rack) ~ 0.85 m
  • A/C connecting range in meter: 1.98 x 0.58 - 0.45
  • Empty weight: < 200 kg (excl. O2)
  • Payload limit: ~ 180 kg
  • Oxygen capacity: 13,000 liters
  • Power input: 115 V, 360-800 Hz, 3-phase voltage
  • Power output: 230 V AC 50 Hz (optional), 115 V AC 60 Hz, 12, 28 V DC