Product Divisions: Original Equipment Innovation (OEI)

Innovative solutions for aircraft cabins are on the rise

The aircraft cabin has become an extremely important innovation factor for airlines and VIPs. Passenger expectations rise continuously. Lufthansa Technik was early to recognize this trend and develop many new and innovative products for the aircraft cabin. A substantial role in this new orientation was played by the Original Equipment Innovation (OEI) business unit, established in 2014 on the basis of the Innovation business unit, originally created in 2002. Since then, many Lufthansa Technik have been experiencing the benefits of the targeted application of innovative new products for civil aviation. 

  • OEI_Innovation center
    Innovation Center at Lufthansa Technik
    Integrated cabin management system (CMS) and in-flight entertainment system (IFE)
  • OEI_mock-up
    The portfolio includes high-performance communication systems.
  • OEI_cabin
    Innovative solutions for aircraft cabins are on the rise.
  • OEI_disc_player
    High-end electronic systems

From the beginning, the goal of the new business unit was to adapt to an industry which will, in the future, more strongly demand both passenger rights and cost-efficient solutions for the aircraft cabin, whilst innovation cycles will become shorter and shorter. Initially, the new business unit primarily provided high-end electronic systems such as, for example, nice, the integrated cabin management system (CMS) and in-flight entertainment system (IFE) fitted in aircraft cabins by Lufthansa Technik's VIP & Executive Jet Solutions division. The business unit now cooperates with IDAIR, a joint venture of Lufthansa Technik and Panasonic Avionics Corporation, offering its products directly to airline customers, aircraft manufacturers, and completion and modification centers.

Recent years have seen further enhancement of the nice CMS/IFE system, the third generation of the GuideU fluorescent emergency floor path marking system, and the new Patient Transport Unit (PTU NG) for the medical evacuation of patients. Many other innovative aviation products have also been planned, developed, produced, and installed in airliners and VIP aircraft, such as the chair family of seats and a special dishwasher, the DishwashAir product. The portfolio also includes high-performance communication systems such as the Wireless Access Point (WAP). Four of the globally coveted Crystal Cabin Awards have already gone to the Innovation business unit. The great demand for innovative products has seen the OEI business unit double its capacity every three years. The team has grown from eight to 200 employees.

A joint venture, INAIRVATION, has been established together with F. LIST GmbH to combine innovative cabin management technologies with perfectly processed interior components for executive aircraft customers. The joint venture also cooperates closely with the automotive and aviation design firm Design Q, thereby covering the entire spectrum of cabin interior expertise. In the future, more innovative solutions will be created, with groundbreaking design dissolving the boundaries between entertainment electronics, furniture, and lighting. INAIRVATION will satisfy the rising expectations of passengers and also be in a position to further reduce lead times, costs, and weight for new cabins.