Occupational Health and Safety

Preventive measures for health and safety at work

As well as quality assurance and environmental protection, health and safety is a third important aspect of Lufthansa Technik's social responsibility towards its workforce and society. The aim is to identify risks early on, ensure that operations are trouble-free and promote responsible action at all levels. Lufthansa Technik is certified to OHSAS 18001, an international standard for health and safety at work.

Extensive preventive measures ensure that workplace safety is at a high level. When it comes to planning new work routines, creating new workstations or introducing new work equipment, consideration is given early on to any health or safety issues. At the same time existing routines and processes are constantly scrutinized and improved. Several employees are responsible for identifying possible hazards and exposure to potentially harmful elements at the workplace so that appropriate, effective remedial action can be taken.

In addition, regular instruction on all aspects of hazard identification and safety regulation compliant practice is given to all those affected to ensure that problems either do not arise in the first place or can be resolved quickly. In this area Lufthansa Technik's medical service and health and safety staff work closely together.