»niceview MOBILE«

Your personal moving map

Lufthansa Technik's »niceview« moving map system creates the ultimate flight information and viewing experience. It provides an impressive presentation of the earth together with a 3D aircraft model at the current geographic position, and also shows the flight path. When zooming in, high-resolution views of the world with unlimited continuous map scales can be configured. Now, Lufthansa Technik is developing a fully interactive 3D moving map for any kind of personal electronic device (PED): »niceview MOBILE«. 

Moving map app for iOS, Android and Windows

The concept is straightforward: This native app for iOS, Android and Windows will offer real global satellite imagery data with a resolution of down to 15 meters per pixel. Users can select from a variety of predefined views, measurement units and languages. Points of interest (POIs) can also be displayed. The auto mode shows a predefined script with a variety of 2D and 3D views. 

Absolute freedom of content selection

With »niceview MOBILE«, every passenger can select her or his individual view of the world and choose freely from other information offers. This gives users a hitherto unknown quality experience: Absolute freedom of choice in selecting content on their PEDs – a freedom that more and more passengers have come to expect from leading airlines. »niceview MOBILE«, can be easily integrated into standard inflight entertainment systems and is accessed by the passenger using the on-board WiFi network. 

Customer advantages

  • Available for iOS, Android and Windows
  • High-resolution 3D display
  • Full interactivity
  • Highest individuality
  • No in-seat hardware
  • Flexible display of information