»niceview« details

3-D moving map system
A new dimension in infotainment

Finally, there is a way to give everyone an entertaining view to the outside. The »niceview« moving map system provides worldwide, high-resolution 3-D maps and virtual flights designed to create the ultimate flight information and viewing experience for airline and VIP passengers. New and unique features keep everyone informed and help to create an enjoyable infotainment experience throughout the entire flight. Integrating the latest flight simulation technology and authentic satelite maps, »niceview« offers various photo-realistic 2-D and 3-D views with resolutions up to 1 meter per pixel (mpp)! 

See everything

With »niceview« integrating the latest flight simulation technology and authentic satellite maps, everyone can experience and encounter breathtaking scenes – no matter if it is day or night and independent of any weather conditions. Better still, niceview puts everyone in the pilot's seat and allows to experience the same cockpit view. The adventure does not stop there.

Departure, cruise-flight, and approach can be experienced in life-like 3-D views with configurable virtual camera positions around the aircraft. Exceptional camera perspectives and virtual camera rides can be generated in 3-D regardless of outside influences from take-off until touch down. 

It is the real world

While a true 3-D view of the entire globe normally is the privilege of astronauts in space, niceview provides an impressing presentation of the Earth together with the 3-D aircraft at the current geographic position and flight path. While zooming in, high-resolution views of the world with unlimited continuous map scales can be configured displaying the total flight route. Virtual flights are possible between preconfigured positions or between the current origin and destination positions. niceview is designed to relieve the cabin crew from tasks related to on-board passenger information and entertainment. The system can be configured to be operated with automated sequencing. All views and content data can be configured to be shown by a customer definable trigger parameter such as flight phases or geographic locations. 

Flying in a new dimension

The new and unique features of »niceview« keep everyone informed and help to create an enjoyable infotainment experience throughout the entire flight.

  • Virtual camera views from around the aircraft and along a virtual flight route
  • Lifelike views through cockpit and cabin windows
  • Pictures and movies can be displayed, including multi-channel audio
  • Background MP3 audio replay (e.g. boarding music)
  • Various customizable geopolitical, graphical and information overlays
  • Configurable viewing sequences for different flight phases and geographical locations
  • News and information
  • 2-D and 3-D indicator paths to locations relative to the aircraft
  • Selectable transitions between views
  • Illustrations of oceanographic data

Customizable for your aircraft

»niceview« can be customized with a system management application. This flexible tool enables Lufthansa Technik to configure viewing sequences and content data. The list of options includes the loading and changing of customer pictures, movies, and audio data, safety briefings, airport information as well as boarding music and audio announcements. The system allows for the management of language translations as well as the editing and loading of geopolitical data such as city names and points of interest. New content data or configuration changes can be loaded via USB devices or Ethernet connection onto the »niceview« server. 

Keeping in touch

With the »niceview« management application, various informational overlays and pages can be preconfigured to show current flight data which are received from airborne communication links via Ethernet (Sat-Com/Broadband) or ARINC-429 (ACARS). The global standard resolution of 120 meters per pixel (mpP) allows staggering 3-D animations during cruise flight. For regional coverage 15 mpP data is available for any place in the world, allowing even more impressive details. For departure and approach, imagery resolution of 1 mpP can be provided for customer selected areas such as airports and cities. 

Flying with High Definition (HD)

Depending on the hardware selection »niceview« provides various audio and video interfaces to the IFE system. Beside standard definition video signals (NTSC/PAL) also high definition video output (HDTV) is available. Additionally »niceview« is capable of MPEG audio and video streaming to digital IFE environments. To support multi-channel and multi-language content niceview provides up to 4 mono audio channels. Alternatively, 2 stereo audio channels and 2 digital S/PDIF channels can be operated.