3-D moving map system

Finally, there is a way to give all passengers a window seat: The »niceview« moving map system provides worldwide, high-resolution 3-D maps and virtual flights designed to create the ultimate flight information and viewing experience. 

Flying in a new dimension

The new and unique features of »niceview« keep everyone informed and help to create an enjoyable infotainment experience throughout the entire flight.

  • Virtual camera views from around the aircraft and along a virtual flight route
  • Lifelike views through cockpit and cabin windows
  • Pictures and movies can be displayed, including multi-channel audio
  • Background MP3 audio replay (e.g. boarding music)
  • Various customizable geopolitical, graphical and information overlays
  • Configurable viewing sequences for different flight phases and geographical locations
  • News and information
  • 2-D and 3-D indicator paths to locations relative to the aircraft
  • Selectable transitions between views
  • Illustrations of oceanographic data