»nice HD« - cabin management system

networked integrated cabin equipment
Have a nice flight

Imagine not having to get up to change a CD or DVD, to start your favorite Blu-ray movie on an HD display, or to adjust the cabin lighting to create the right mood. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to access all the cabin, communications and entertainment devices on board your aircraft with your smart phone or tablet PC, such as the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® touch. At the same time meeting today's stringent requirements for the streaming of high-definition (HD) content with integrated digital rights management and Hollywood-approved encryption! How about wirelessly accessing the Internet just the way you do at home, or viewing real-time images of the outside world captured by on-board cameras and displayed on any screen in the cabin? 

Dreams in high definition

With Lufthansa Technik's networked integrated cabin equipment »nice HD«, effortless management of highly sophisticated cabin systems in your aircraft has become a reality. Since the first installations and certifications in 2003, the »nice« system has become the acknowledged industry standard for high-quality in-flight entertainment and cabin system management systems on large and small business jets alike, used by kings, sultans, business leaders and corporate flight departments all over the globe. And the latest generation of »nice« – high definition-enabled »nice HD« – can rightly claim to be the best cabin management, communication and entertainment suite on the market! 

From the world leader in aircraft services

»nice HD« is the focal point of a development and production organization renowned for its innovative and trendsetting products. Lufthansa Technik has a proven record of continuously analyzing current market trends and technical advances and applying this unique expertise to its products. Incorporating an
iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® touch as a content on-demand provider and Satellite Live Radio/TV into the highly integrated digital network of »nice HD« are just two examples of a market approach that has oriented itself from the outset towards sustaining growth and continually integrating the newest technologies.

Integrated Digital Rights Management

Many talk about it, but Lufthansa Technik is ready to do it: streaming of high definition (HD) videos in business jets via the IFE network. Thanks to Ethernet expertise in business jets that has been developed and demonstrated over years, »nice HD« puts Lufthansa Technik in the unique position of being able to offer a system that fulfils the high standards of the major Hollywood labels through absolutely secure DRM. 

Smart entertainment

The new »nice HD« Media Center developed by Lufthansa Technik offers a wide range of entertainment features. With its ability to store and distribute audio and video content it turns the cabin into a theater in the sky.  ... more 

Customer advantages

  • Highest video and audio quality on the market (1080p, full HD) – depending on screen resolution
  • Easy to use, install and maintain
  • Ethernet-based distribution of HD content
  • Fully integrated Digital Rights Management (DRM) framework – fulfilling the requirements of the major Hollywood studios
  • Capable of handling multicast streaming of HD content and full audio/video on-demand, including readiness for early window content (content not yet released on disc)
  • Multi-tasking user interface with animated Graphical User Interface (operated with integrated scroll wheel and touch screen)
  • Highly configurable, customizable and flexible integrated network
  • Interoperable with portable consumer devices, such as smart phones and tablets
  • High integration of functionalities results in reduced number of line replaceable units (LRUs)
  • Open architecture allows for easy integration of third-party equipment and new applications
  • Supports both wired and wireless Ethernet for system control and Internet access, with wireless video distribution coming soon

Customer Support Innovation (CSI)

A 24/7 customer care call and technical support center is available at Innovation's headquarters. Customer phone calls are routed directly to Innovation's customer service and secured data exchange is available for technical and maintenance support. Outside of normal business hours, calls are routed through the Lufthansa Technik AOG desk for tier-one support.