Locations: Lufthansa Technik in Munich

Aircraft maintenance with 500 employees
Second-largest maintenance center of the company

Lufthansa Technik's second largest maintenance center in Germany is located at Munich Airport. In the hangar of Lufthansa Technik with about 30,000 square meters floor space, up to six Boeing 747 or Airbus A340 as well as other, smaller aircraft can be accommodated simultaneously. Besides the aircraft hangar there is additional apron area that also belongs to Lufthansa Technik, providing space for even more aircraft. In addition to the maintenance hangar, there are a logistics center and workshops for vehicles and equipment located on the premises. 

Highly qualified staff

About 500 employees – 450 of them are licensed technicians for the maintained aircraft – ensure that all current aircraft types are serviced and all defects are completely corrected on time without any faults. To keep up with the growing demand for highly qualified mechanics and engineers in Munich Lufthansa Technical Training, a subsidiary of the company, operates an on-site training center. Lufthansa Technik continuously invests more than 3,000 training days per year to keep the licensed staff up-to-date. 

From Ramp check to C-check

At Lufthansa Technik in Munich, every night up to 30 aircraft are inspected inside and out. The maintenance center offers a broad spectrum of maintenance opportunities ranging from minor to medium complexity. Simple Ramp checks are performed as well as complex C-checks, which have to be carried out every 20 to 24 months.

In addition to these routine checks, engine and landing gear changes, the cleaning of aircraft, engine washing and all possible kinds of aircraft modifications and repairs belong to the daily work spectrum of the mechanics. 

Broad Customer Base

Since Munich has become Lufthansa's second international hub, Lufthansa Technik's parent airline is the main customer here. Munich is the homebase for 45 short-haul (Airbus A320 family) and 23 long-haul (Airbus A330 and A340) aircraft of Lufthansa.

Nevertheless about 30 other customers trust in Lufthansa Technik's know-how at the site in Munich. Many mechanics therefore have received a customer specific training and maintain the jets of well-known carriers such as Singapore Airlines, Air Canada, Thai Airways, Condor, TAP and Air France. They are familiar with the aircraft types Boeing 737, 757, 767, 777, 747 and Airbus A320, A300, A330 and A340.