A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport

A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport

The perfect cabin for every role

Room for true versatility

Although the A330-200 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) is built as a tanker and transport aircraft for military missions it offers options that actually go far beyond a standard manufacturer's configuration as the main deck can be used freely. Hence, we developed a cabin concept with four different layouts in collaboration with military operators. It transforms the tanker aircraft into a truly versatile member of your fleet that can actually fulfil the diverse roles it was acquired for – from government travel with delegations or troop transport to humanitarian evacuation missions.


of fuel can be carried by the A330-200 MRTT – without the need for additional tanks in the cabin. The large main deck thus offers a lot of space for mission configurations.

Four Specialized Cabin Layouts

Ready for every mission

With a variety of options and ideas, we developed cabin layouts for four typical operational profiles of the A330 MRTT. The "State" and "Governor" variants are designed to comfortably transport heads of states, government officials and delegations. The "Rescue" version is intended for humanitarian flights and medical evacuation transports. The fourth design concept, "Trooper", is optimized for long-distance passenger or troop transport and offers maximum capacity in different classes. While all of these basic concepts have been optimized for the different applications, adaptations always remain possible to suit your operations' special requirements.

"Rescue" Variant

Inspired by field experience

The "Rescue" variant, for example, offers different zones in which patients can be cared for according to their needs – whether they require intensive medical care or need transport lying down or sitting up. This cabin layout was recommended to us by experts who are familiar with such operations. The arrangement of the support units for patients and the racks in the "Rescue" cabin are also based on real-life operational experience from humanitarian flights.

Modifications for military aircraft
Functional Approach

A plane with high utility value

As the cabin concepts are already completely developed, the effort and expense for the engineering and installation on your aircraft can be kept to a minimum. In this way we can offer both an attractive and highly usable layout at a competitive price. In addition, we designed all of these functional cabin layouts with an eye toward future maintenance needs and upgrades.

Once the cabin has been installed, our work is not yet done. The latest generation Multi-Role Tanker Transport also requires a reliable partner when it comes to the aircraft's technical operations. Since we understand governmental requirements, have extensive organizational and personnel approvals and technical competence, we are capable of supporting the whole lifecycle of your newest fleet member.

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Wieland Timm, Head of Sales VIP & Special Mission Aircraft

Wieland Timm

Head of Sales VIP & Special Aircraft

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