The perfect cabin for every role

Cabin concepts for the Airbus A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT)

Based on the A330-200 airliner, the Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) is originally a tanker aircraft whose main deck is freely usable except for two large racks with tank equipment in the front area. As delivered by the manufacturer Airbus, the aircraft is equipped with economy seating only. Lufthansa Technik has developed four different cabin configurations for this aircraft. Designed for realistic deployment scenarios, they enable a stronger and improved use of the MRTT. 

  • A330-200 MRTT
    With a variety of options and ideas, Lufthansa Technik has developed cabin designs and layouts for four operational profiles of the A330 MRTT.
  • A330-200 MRTT - cabin concept
    The "State" cabin concept is laid out as a flying seat of government, heads of state to govern even during extended flights.
  • A330-200 MRTT - cabin concept
    With its spacious layout designed for versatile use, the "Governor" concept accommodates many passengers with different functions and seniorities on board.
  • A330-200 MRTT - cabin concept
    The flying intensive care ward of the "Rescue" cabin concept is designed for the safe operation of humanitarian and medical evacuation flights.
  • A330-200 MRTT - cabin concept
    The specially fitted interior of the "Trooper" cabin layout is adapted precisely from end to end to facilitate any kind of humanitarian mission.
Four layouts for four use cases

Lufthansa Technik is presenting cabin designs and layouts for four operational profiles. The "State" and "Governor" variants are designed for the transport of head of states, government members and delegations. The "Rescue" version has been developed for the execution of humanitarian aid flights and medical evacuation transports. The fourth design concept, "Trooper", is optimized for long-distance passenger or troop transport and offers maximum capacity in different classes. The basic concepts have been optimized for the different application versions, but adaptations always remain possible to suit the special needs of customers. 

Low engineering efforts and costs

All cabin variants for the A330 MRTT were developed in cooperation with military services and experts. By utilizing concepts that are already completely developed, the effort and expense of engineering and installation are kept as low as possible, so that an attractive layout can also be offered at a competitive price. In addition, all of these functional cabins were designed with an eye to future maintenance needs and upgrades. 

Complete technical services

Besides the different cabin configurations, the latest generation Multi-Role Tanker Transport also requires a partner with unrivaled know-how when it comes to technical operation – a partner like Lufthansa Technik who understands governmental requirements, has extensive organizational and personnel approvals and comprehensive technical competence. Lufthansa Technik offers a complete portfolio of technical services for the Airbus A330 MRTT, covering the entire life cycle of the aircraft.