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18 Dec

Wizz Air's technical operations relies on AVIATAR

Wizz Air and Lufthansa Technik have signed a ten-year AVIATAR agreement to provide one of Europe's fastest growing airlines with innovative digital fleet solutions.

Key element in the partnership approach is to further improve efficiency of Wizz Air's technical operations by using AVIATAR's modular solutions in the areas of predictive and preventive maintenance and reliability management. This happens in direct connection to the Maintenance Control Center (MCC) in Budapest. In addition, Wizz Air will also benefit from all other innovative offerings by Lufthansa Technik and third parties on AVIATAR.
Christian Ambiehl, Wizz Air's Head of Maintenance, said: "We have selected AVIATAR after a detailed analysis of the offerings available. The open and modular architecture of AVIATAR together with the strategic decision of our long-term partner Lufthansa Technik to neutrally offer access even to its competitors, makes it a unique platform. Competition and access to new markets have been key to Wizz Air's success in the past 14 years and our digital vision requires a neutral platform, which enables us to cooperate digitally with our MRO and technical operations partners within our growing route network. AVIATAR also allows us to control our fleet's operational data for the co-creation of new digital solutions to generate additional values for Wizz Air's operation and beyond. It is our objective to grow our fleet faster than our Technical Operations team."

Christian Langer, Head of Digital Fleet Solutions at Lufthansa Technik, said: "We are a proud partner of Wizz Air and have proven our capability to develop solutions beneficial to the needs of operators. Together with other state-of-art products available on AVIATAR, Lufthansa Technik's track record to deliver OEM-independent MRO solutions have become a reality in the digital world. Together with a growing number of airlines in the community we will continue to develop further cost-saving solutions for AVIATAR."

AVIATAR allows operators and other participants in the MRO market to collaborate on an open and neutral platform. It applies analytical models to provide new insights, recommendations and notifications, enabling users to simplify their decision processes. AVIATAR rewards its users through the optimization of operating hours, reduced consequential costs and safer as well as more reliable fleet operations, serving airline passengers around the world.

AVIATAR is an OEM-spanning platform, independent of Lufthansa Technik or any MRO service contracts. It serves as a central and connecting hub for digital products and services for the aviation industry.


19 Nov

Digital Seat Cover Tool Introduced

The new application is called Seat Cover Tool and is already being used for cabin maintenance work on the Lufthansa Airbus A380 fleet. Designed for both mobile and stationary use, it is compatible with all current PCs and iOS-based devices such as iPads and iPhones.

Up to now, the entire process – from finding a dirty or damaged seat cover, cushion or belt, and identifying the part number to ordering and replacing the component – was completely manual. But through the use of the Seat Cover Tool, Lufthansa Technik has now digitalized the identification of the correct component and partly automated the overall process for the first time. Cabin mechanics thus save a lot of time for passenger seat maintenance.

"With Seat Cover Tool, the part numbers of seat covers that need replacing can now be identified more quickly and easily. We've managed to reduce the respective process time from six minutes to less than one minute. In addition, the application is very simple to use and identifies every seat cover part number reliably," says Stefan Mehler, Project Manager at Lufthansa Technik.

Seat Cover Tool is set to be rolled out to other seat parts and all common aircraft types as early as next year. Once that version of the tool has proven itself in practice as well, Lufthansa Technik intends to offer it to other MRO companies for a fee so that they, too, can benefit from the advantages of Seat Cover Tool.

05 Nov

Lufthansa Technik Intercoat automates INTERFILL® coating process

Lufthansa Technik Intercoat has commissioned the world's first partly automated system for coating components with INTERFILL®. As a result, the components can now be coated in a single working step. The entire new system concept was developed in-house at Lufthansa Technik Intercoat.

Lufthansa Technik Intercoat specializes in the repair of components using an advanced epoxy coating process. For this purpose, the company from Kaltenkirchen, Germany, developed a material called INTERFILL® that is based on epoxy resin. The material gives components from the aviation, rail and automotive industries a new life cycle and improves their operational characteristics.

Until recently, the advanced epoxy coating process was completely manual, but now a part of the coating process could be automated. The component is fastened to a rotating device in a working booth. Then a robot arm applies INTERFILL® to the component surface through a fine nozzle.

A special applicator ensures that the ideal dose is applied with an even layer thickness. The improved application method prevents air pockets from forming, which reduces the amount of corrective work that can otherwise be necessary at times. The innovative system provides consistent, high-quality results and saves a considerable amount of time.

"Thanks to this partial automation, we were able to reduce the time it takes to coat the material to a third. That gives us the opportunity to react quickly and flexibly to customer needs, thus increasing our competitiveness," says Andreas Sauer, Managing Director of Lufthansa Technik Intercoat.

The system is currently able to process components of up to 500 x 500 x 500 millimeters in size and 25 kilograms in weight. A robot system that eliminates these restrictions is already in the works. Once that system is operational, it will also be possible to coat components with more complex, non-rotation-symmetric coating areas.

30 Oct

Approval for Airbus A320neo maintenance for Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico

Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to carry out maintenance work on the Airbus A320neo.

For Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico this approval marks a significant milestone, since it underlines the company's position as a center of excellence for the Airbus A320 family. An investment of some 2.8 million U.S. dollars was required for the training, tools and the material necessary for the maintenance of the new aircraft type.

"This performance was only possible thanks to our entire team's great effort. We are especially proud that Spirit Airlines is now entrusting us with the aircraft overhaul of the A320neo in addition to the A320 classic family. We are pleased that we were able to repay their trust by getting the first aircraft of this type ready for flight operations on time," says Pat Foley, Chief Executive of Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico.

Kirk Thornburg, Vice President Technical Operations at Spirit Airlines, is equally pleased: "We have been cooperating with Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico for more than three years. We are as convinced as ever that we are dealing with a highly professional team. With Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico, we have a strong partner by our side and are delighted to expand our cooperation further to include work on the A320neo." 

26 Oct

Airbus A350 base maintenance approval for Lufthansa Technik Malta

Lufthansa Technik Malta is officially ready to perform all work required for the Base Maintenance of the Airbus A350-900, as the company has been licensed by the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA).

The granting of the "Base Maintenance Approval" certificate by the LBA marks the successful end of an intense period of preparation, in which employees were trained, processes were established and infrastructure was adapted.

Lufthansa Technik Malta kicked off this extensive program in November 2016 and has now been rewarded accordingly for its efforts. The first Airbus A350 is expected to arrive for base maintenance services at Lufthansa Technik Malta in spring 2019.

Lufthansa Technik Malta's CEO Marcus Motschenbacher said: "More than 50 employees of Lufthansa Technik Malta spent just over three months in personal preparation acquiring the necessary qualifications and practical training to enable them to work on the A350. Two out of six base maintenance lines at the facility have been outfitted to accommodate the A350-900 with an investment of over €3.2m to cover the first C-Checks. A substantial investment in new tooling has included the purchase of more than 280 different tools including engine removal tooling."

Extensive docking modifications have also been undertaken in Hangar 1, extending the current capabilities of the mezzanine, wing and tail docks. Investment in a new electrical installation was also made due to the A350's dedicated hydraulic rigs.

This approval cements Lufthansa Technik Malta's pole position as the only Airbus widebody base maintenance provider in the Lufthansa Technik network of European base maintenance facilities.

25 Oct

Joint venture for aircraft displays and systems with LG Electronics

LG Electronics (LG) and Lufthansa Technik AG will jointly develop, produce and market LG's innovative OLED displays for commercial airplane cabins, the companies announced today. The new venture will be based in Hamburg, Germany and will commence operation in the first half of 2019.

The new joint venture will combine LG's advanced, lightweight and flexible OLED display technology with Lufthansa Technik's aviation business capabilities to create new markets for on-board aircraft applications such as welcome board screens and interior linings.

"We are very excited to be joining hands with Lufthansa Technik to expand the reach of LG's innovative consumer electronic technologies to commercial aircrafts," said Kwon Soon-hwang, president of LG's Business-to-Business Company.

"Both partners contribute a globally recognized reputation in their respective business areas to create a new flying experience for the passengers," added Dr. Johannes Bussmann, chairman of Lufthansa Technik's executive board.

Closing of the agreement, which was inked earlier this week in Hamburg, is subject to regulatory approval. 

16 Oct

Total Technical Support for WestJet's Boeing 787 fleet

Canadian airline WestJet has signed a comprehensive Total Technical Support (TTS®) contract with Lufthansa Technik AG for the technical support of its future Boeing 787 fleet. WestJet also becomes the first customer for Lufthansa Technik's digital platform AVIATAR in the Americas. The agreement includes integrated component supply, aircraft production inspections and line maintenance. The airline has ordered ten Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners and has options for another ten jets, with the first aircraft to be delivered to WestJet at the beginning of 2019.

"WestJet's addition of the Boeing 787 plays an important role in growing our global presence," said John Kelly, WestJet Vice President, Technical Operations. "In Lufthansa Technik we have found the ideal partner to support this growth. Their technical support in combination with their digital fleet solution will ensure high aircraft availability from the first day of operation and onward."

Lufthansa Technik will ensure the global and fast supply of components to WestJet's 787 fleet as part of a Total Component Support (TCS®). The contract covers the global availability of 787 components. In addition to a spare parts pooling concept, Lufthansa Technik will also stock inventories at the airline's bases in Calgary and Toronto.

Furthermore, Lufthansa Technik will support WestJet's Dreamliners with line maintenance services at up to ten stations worldwide and support the airline with engineering services such as maintenance planning and troubleshooting. Lufthansa Technik's proprietary Cyclean® system will be used for regular engine washes. Lufthansa Technik experts will also be monitoring and assuring the production quality of the airline's new 787s at the manufacturer's assembly site within the framework of an Aircraft Production Inspection Program (APIP).

"We are very proud that WestJet has decided to put its trust in our comprehensive range of 787 services," said Frank Berweger, Vice President Corporate Sales Americas at Lufthansa Technik. "This contract is a milestone for Lufthansa Technik and our digital MRO platform AVIATAR in the Americas. We will support WestJet in the digital management of their fleet in real time, making operations more predictable and reliable. With AVIATAR, we provide the perfect tool to forecast probabilities of failure of components."

11 Oct

New dedicated Additive Manufacturing Center as a collaborative hub

Lufthansa Technik has set up an Additive Manufacturing (AM) Center with the aim of bundling and expanding the competence and experience the company has gained using this technology in the past.

Additive manufacturing is often referred to as 3D printing. In addition to an unrivaled degree of freedom in designing the parts, additive manufacturing produces individual parts very quickly – a huge advantage when prototypes or one-off parts must be manufactured. In the highly weight-conscious world of aircraft, the lower weight of parts makes using the AM technology very attractive.

Dr. Aenne Koester, head of the AM Center, explains: "The new AM Center will serve as a collaborative hub where the experience and skills that Lufthansa Technik has gained in additive manufacturing can be bundled and further expanded. The aim is to increase the degree of maturity of the technologies and to develop products that are suitable for production."

As the transfer of a new technology into the highly-regulated world of commercial aircraft operation and MRO poses a challenge, a joint team of Lufthansa Technik experts and AM specialists from numerous industry partners and research institutions develops strategies to support the introduction of this technology. As one example, a cooperation with Oerlikon AM aims at enhancing the understanding of process repeatability, a key element of industrialization and certification. The collaboration will also help drive the industrialization of additive manufacturing forward, as the study results will be shared with relevant industry bodies to support defining standards for the qualification and approval of aircraft components.


28 Sep

Cornerstone laid for joint GTF engine shop

MTU Aero Engines AG and Lufthansa Technik laid the cornerstone for the new joint venture EME Aero in Jasionka, close to Rzeszów city, today – symbolically launching one of the biggest and most advanced GTF MRO service centers worldwide. Pratt & Whitney GTF engines power five regional and narrowbody aircraft platforms, with the A220 and the A320neo family from Airbus and the Embraer E190-E2 already in commercial service. The total investment for the service center is 150 million euros by 2020. Plans are to have the facility – with its 40,000 square meters of workspace – up and running by the end of 2019.

21 Sep

Converted Airbus A321 handed over to German Armed Forces

On Friday, Lufthansa Technik AG handed over a converted Airbus A321 to the German Armed Forces in the presence of Vice Admiral Carsten Stawitzki, National Armaments Director of the Federal Ministry of Defence (BMVg), and Gabriele Korb, Director-General of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw). In addition to military missions, the aircraft is also used for political/parliamentary purposes.

On the customer side BAAINBw was responsible for the procurement and on-schedule and on-budget conversion of the former Lufthansa aircraft named "Neustadt an der Weinstraße". BAAINBw had awarded the contract with a total volume of around €90 million to Lufthansa Technik following a public tender at the beginning of 2017.

In addition to the purchase of the aircraft and its conversion, the contract also included the procurement of spare parts and logistical support to ensure operational readiness as well as the adaptation of the aircraft to the requirements of the BMVg's Special Air Mission Wing.

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