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21 May

Iacobucci to build »chair« VIP seating under license

Lufthansa Technik AG and Italian aircraft interior specialist Iacobucci HF Aerospace S.p.A. have reached an agreement on the integration of the »chair« family into Iacobucci´s cabin seating portfolio. After completing an optimization of the mechanical design, Iacobucci is ready to build and distribute the product to VIP and commercial aircraft customers around the world. Work has already started for an undisclosed VIP launch customer.

"For a successful establishment of »chair«, the supply chain needed to be optimized," stated Andrew Muirhead, Vice President Product Division Original Equipment Innovation at Lufthansa Technik. "Iacobucci turned out to be the best partner for a fast and robust implementation and we are looking forward to seeing the first »chair« finally being handed over to a customer."

"To our experienced seating experts, Lufthansa Technik's »chair« is one of the most advanced VIP aircraft seats available to date", stated Lucio Iacobucci, President and CEO of Iacobucci HF Aerospace. "It also offers innovative solutions for first class airline cabins. We are excited and proud having been selected to bring the much-awaited product to market. »chair« is a perfect extension for our comprehensive cabin product portfolio and will enable us to offer an optimal seating solution to almost any VIP cabin completion project on the market today."

The »chair« seat design is ETSO-certified (European Technical Standard Order) for 9g and 16g and can hence be installed in any cabin based on narrowbody or widebody aircraft. A fully functional and airworthy »chair«, inspired by the design of the renowned studio PIERREJEAN, is publicly displayed in Lufthansa Technik's booth #H71 at the 2019 European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva.

21 May

Readiness to offer cabin completions for the Airbus A220

As the first VIP aircraft services provider in the world, Lufthansa Technik AG is ready to offer cabin completions for Airbus' smallest commercial aircraft family, the A220. The company has already developed a first VIP cabin interior concept. Parts of this concept will be showcased for the first time on this year's European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva. The full concept will be unveiled during the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

The spacious SkyRetreat concept will feature a totally new and unconventional design approach. As a consequence, the cabin interior envisaged by Lufthansa Technik's designers for the Airbus A220 calls for a reduction to the essential, thereby cleverly and discreetly integrating latest cabin technologies, from 4K roll-up displays and smart touch surfaces to a totally unique Observation Lounge to be revealed in the coming months.

"Although the A220 represents the new entry level of our completions offerings, it already provides an incredible amount of space for breathtaking VIP interiors," states Wieland Timm, Senior Director Sales, VIP & Special Mission Aircraft at Lufthansa Technik. "Our SkyRetreat concept makes optimum use of this spacious cabin and its technical features will provide our customers with a whole new sense of space and a unique travel experience."

Besides the VIP completion capabilities, Lufthansa Technik already supports the Airbus A220 family with a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from line maintenance and component services to engine services for its PW1500 geared turbofan engines.

20 May

Celebrating the 1.000th »nice« system with Bombardier

Lufthansa Technik AG and Bombardier are celebrating the installation of the 1,000th »nice« cabin management (CMS) and inflight-entertainment (IFE) system. Representative »nice« systems are installed on the Bombardier Learjet 75, Challenger 350 and Challenger 650, and the Global 7500 aircraft at the static display of this year's European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva.

To commemorate the recent milestone, Bombardier and Lufthansa Technik will host a catered media reception Tuesday from 12:30 to 13:00 at the Challenger 350 aircraft parked at the static display - lot #SD_400. Representatives from the media will have the opportunity to take photos and meet the key people behind the »nice« cooperation between Lufthansa Technik and Bombardier.

"Bombardier aircraft are renowned for their impeccable design, superior comfort and their use of the latest advanced technologies, including the »nice« system, which ensures exceptional cabin efficiency," stated Brad Nolen, Vice President, Marketing and Product Strategy, Bombardier Aviation. ‘'Providing instant access to an array of cabin entertainment and connectivity settings, Lufthansa Technik's cutting-edge »nice« system allows for effortless control and elevates the overall in-flight experience of our customers."

"This year, at least one »nice« shipset leaves our Hamburg base every second day on its way for installation in a new business jet," stated Andrew Muirhead, Vice President Product Division Original Equipment Innovation at Lufthansa Technik. "Thanks to the trust placed in us by Bombardier, it has become what it is today, the leading line-fit CMS/IFE system for business aircraft all over the world."

Being at the forefront of CMS/IFE since its introduction on the market, »nice« has been continually enhanced over the years, adapting not only to current technology but also introducing advanced features which are well ahead of the competition. Meanwhile, the fourth generation of the system is in development - targeting customers who wish to personalize or customize their onboard experience, to a level yet to be experienced in a business jet cabin.

13 May

Extension of Honeywell component services for Airbus A350 fleets in Asia Pacific

Honeywell and Lufthansa Technik AG will heighten their collaboration on Airbus A350 maintenance, repair and overhaul services in the Asia Pacific region. Lufthansa Technik will act as a licensed component repair center and exclusive global asset service provider in Asia Pacific for more than 200 Honeywell shipped components onboard the Airbus A350.

Greater accessibility to services, parts and best-in-class engineering support will help A350 operators in the region maximize operation of their aircraft through improved fleet availability and readiness.

"Maintenance is a costly and complex process, but we see our work with Honeywell as an opportunity to help A350 operators in Asia Pacific simplify their maintenance experience," said Gerald Steinhoff, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales, Asia Pacific, Lufthansa Technik. "Honeywell provides top-of-line technologies that are crucial to the A350. By integrating our world-class asset management and in-region repair centers, we can provide operators in Asia Pacific with better access to support all of Honeywell's key components on the A350. Over the next one and a half years we will significantly expand our local capacities in this area."

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) and Lufthansa Technik have been working together to provide A350 operators with maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services since the aircraft first entered service in late 2014. Through this strengthened partnership, A350 operators in Asia Pacific will receive quicker access to Lufthansa Technik's in-house services, including single-component MRO or more integrated flight-hour based "nose-to-tail" asset availability solutions.

Increased quantities of A350 components for exchange or rental will be readily available, thanks to Lufthansa Technik's global logistics network. Operators can also be assured of a holistic approach to their MRO needs through Honeywell embedded support at Lufthansa Technik, and integrated engineering and customer support teams to ensure key product and repair performance requirements are met.

"The Airbus A350 is in service with many airlines across the Asia Pacific region. As an aircraft that is so widely depended upon, airline operators feel a mounting pressure to do everything they can to keep their A350s performing at optimally," said Sathesh Ramiah, Senior Director, Asia Pacific, Commercial Aviation, Honeywell Aerospace. "By increasing the number of serviceable components and using our Connected Aircraft technologies, we are confident that customers will have hands-on access to support all their Honeywell-related maintenance needs."

Lufthansa Technik has four years of operational experience with more than 2,000 repairs completed across the entire fleet of A350s in operation. It currently provides direct service for more than 12 in-service A350 fleets, including seven operators in Asia Pacific under exclusive contract, representing more than 200 aircraft in service or on order.

This extended agreement reinforces Honeywell's relationship with Lufthansa Technik as a Honeywell-licensed repair facility for mechanical parts, avionic components and hydro-mechanical units. Together, both companies can help reduce aircraft downtime, providing faster turnarounds for getting aircraft back in service for operators in Asia Pacific.

25 Apr

SafeDrone: Comprehensive contracts with drone manufacturers

SafeDrone by Lufthansa Technik has signed comprehensive contracts with drone manufacturers Matternet and SwissDrones. Both companies will use SafeDrone Health to improve the efficiency of their maintenance programs.

16 Apr

East meets West

At ABACE 2019, Ameco and Lufthansa Technik present a jointly developed narrow-body aircraft cabin for the first time. ‘Nature's Touch' is based on an Airbus ACJ320 Business Jet as cabin concept, but the design anticipates the adaption to a Boeing 737 BBJ configuration as well. The VIP cabin is one of the first concrete and publicly visible results of the cooperation in business aircraft services for Chinese clients, which both companies signed at ABACE 2018.

The new business jet cabin layout combines the cultures of East and West, exploring the harmonious beauty in the symbiosis of nature, technology and human demands offering a brand new business jet travelling experience for customers.

Feng Bin, Ameco's Deputy General Manager of Beijing Base & Leading Head of Aircraft Cabin Solutions Product Business Unit, said: "With the rapid development of the times, the combination of advanced intelligent technology and a humanized cabin, which is the embodiment of the innovation concept, engineering technology and process quality, will be supported. Inheritance of intelligence and culture, combination of smart and comfortable cabin, all of this is the common expectation of Ameco and Lufthansa Technik technology. The collision between the East and the West brings a new development direction for business jet cabin products."

Jan Grube, Head of Asia Sales at Lufthansa Technik, added: "With this new concept we want to showcase our joint vision for the next generation of cabin technology. Here, Chinese design and German technology play hand in hand. Lufthansa Technik's many years of experience in perfect craftsmanship and engineering know-how and Ameco's deep insights into the Chinese culture and customer wishes form a symbiosis that can fulfil every wish - expressed or unspoken - for Chinese customers."

10 Apr

LBAS receives EASA Part-145 Line Maintenance approval for Bombardier Global 7500 Aircraft

Whilst Bombardier is delivering its newest and largest aircraft type to the first customers, Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services (LBAS) is now ready to offer services for the industry's largest and longest-range aircraft. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) granted Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services the approval to perform Line Maintenance Services at its home base in Berlin Schoenefeld. Moreover, LBAS can offer AOG services at any location worldwide for the Global 7500 business jet.

"With the EASA approval for Bombardier's new flagship aircraft, we meet the needs of our clients and we can support them during the Entry into Service phase," said Clemens Schrettl, Head of Sales and Marketing at Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services.

"In the near future we will be able to offer the complete range of Line and Base Maintenance Services for this aircraft type. Our hangar in Berlin Schoenefeld has already four maintenance bays capable of receiving the Global 7500 business jet. Furthermore, our NDT-, Batteries- and Wheels-Shops are prepared to handle the extra requests," added Sascha Leitner, CEO of Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services.

Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services is a leading full-service MRO provider in Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. With 250 highly qualified personnel, Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services provides optimal support for operators of Bombardier Global, Challenger and Learjet business aircraft.

The service spectrum encompasses the entire palette of maintenance and overhaul services (line and base maintenance), such as routine inspections (engines, fuselage, APU) along with VIP cabin modifications and conversions. A Mobile Repair Party (MRP) is available to customers around the clock.

With a hangar facility of 8,600 square meters based at Berlin-Schoenefeld airport in Germany, Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services provides 12 maintenance bays.

(Bombardier, Challenger, Global, Global 7500 and Learjet are trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.)

09 Apr

Maintenance concept 'Maintwise' for JetBlue

US-American carrier JetBlue Airways is one of the first customers of Lufthansa Technik's new engineering consulting service 'Maintwise'. In only two months, Lufthansa Technik has developed a maintenance concept tailored to the individual needs of the customer for his entire Airbus A320 fleet, consisting of about 130 aircraft.

The aim of 'Maintwise' is to bundle optimally all aspects of an aircraft maintenance program, taking into account available ground times, customer targets and framework conditions. In cooperation with the customer's planning and engineering experts, the engineers at Lufthansa Technik devise a maintenance concept that optimally harmonizes the flight plan with the maintenance program.

Depending on the customer's objectives, higher aircraft availability or lower maintenance costs are the main targets. Other objectives may include improving planning stability or increasing flexibility for aircraft operations.

For this, engineers of Lufthansa Technik assess the customer's situation by identifying the exact targets and collecting relevant information concerning the maintenance concept. Taking into account ground time constraints, maintenance requirements, required working hours and other criteria, different concepts are simulated and evaluated.

On the basis of the analysis, Lufthansa Technik proposes possible scenarios for maintenance concepts and compares their economic benefits. From this, the customer chooses the most suitable concept for implementation, which is then developed in detail.



09 Apr

Mobile Engine Services is gaining momentum in North America

With the inauguration of a larger repair station in Montréal and the introduction of a new engine type to be serviced at the Tulsa facility, Lufthansa Technik's Mobile Engine Services is gaining strong momentum in North America.

The new Mobile Engine Services repair station in Montréal is currently moving from inside Air Canada's facilities to new and independent premises. With more than 2,500 square meters (27,000 square feet) of floor space and 12 bays, the new building will triple the site´s operational capacity for surgical repair solutions on CFM56 engines. To support the capacity increase, Lufthansa Technik plans to expand its workforce in Montréal from today´s 30 to 80 by the end of 2021.

Since January, the Mobile Engine Services site in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has its remodeled hangar in operation, expanding the capacity for work on V2500 engines from four bays to six, plus a fully operational test cell. Along with the expansion, Lufthansa Technik will also add the CFM56 series to its Tulsa repair and test cell portfolio, with production starting in July. First in the series will be the CFM56-5B, with initially three bays. As of today, Mobile Engine Services employs 42 mechanics in Tulsa.

"The recent expansion of our North America sites for Mobile Engine Services responds to the growing need to keep engines on wing for as long as possible, to keep our customers mobile," says Sahib Ajjam, Lufthansa Technik´s Senior Director Corporate Sales USA and Canada. "Compared to a regular overhaul shop visit, our smart and flexible approach reduces costs by limiting the scope of repairs, and generates additional savings as a result of significantly shorter turnaround times and decreased transportation costs."

Aiming to avoid or postpone major overhaul events, Lufthansa Technik´s Mobile Engine Services consists of a number of smart engine repair solutions. They range from on-wing and on-site services performed by Airline Support Teams (AST®) directly at the customer's location to smart, surgical repair solutions carried out in a global network of repair stations. The Lufthansa Technik Group currently has four such repair stations around the world. In addition to Montreal and Tulsa, they are located in Frankfurt, Germany, and Shenzhen, China.

Lufthansa Technik's Cyclean® Engine Wash System is an important element of the Mobile Engine Services portfolio, vastly applied to engine performance optimization. Currently spanning seven locations in North America, the regional network of engine wash stations is set to grow by another three stations in 2019.

Lufthansa Technik will be presenting these capabilities for Mobile Engine Services at the MRO Americas convention in Atlanta, Georgia - April 9 until April 11 - at booth # 2331.

02 Apr

Warm feet and fully charged phones

Lufthansa Technik presents two innovative cabin products at this year's Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX): HeatNOW is a heating system for floor panels which is easy to install and maintain whereas three smart options for USB charging offer inflight power to passengers.

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