Media Trolley

On board stowage and charging solution for IFE handhelds

Handheld tablets like iPads® are a new way of enjoying in-flight entertainment (IFE). Airlines and VIP operators wishing to provide their passengers with such handy devices can rely on the new Media Trolley. It is Lufthansa Technik's perfect solution to safely store and conveniently charge multiple tablets at the same time.
Looking like a standard half- or full-size catering trolley, Lufthansa Technik's Media Trolley offers passengers a special "treat": a full plate of entertainment.

Key features

  • Charging of up to 30 tablets (11‘‘) with one single plug
  • Synchronization of local content for 30 tablets at once
  • Also available as a full size trolley for 60 tablets (11‘‘)
  • Push-to-release function for easy distribution of devices
  • LED indication for charging & system status
  • Integrated fire extinguishing
  • Ready for early window content

Easy distribution, quick charging

Media Trolley enables carriers to easily serve IFE tablets like a meal - up to 60 tablets (11'') in one run, for smooth distribution and recollection. All devices are securely and neatly stowed away for take-off and landing. And with just one standard plug all devices can be charged at the same time, no individual plugging of each tablet is required. Connected to a single USB port, 30 tablets can be synchronized with just one computer. 

Quality and safety

Large numbers of devices are securely fastened and stowed away in one Media Trolley. The trolley itself can be safely stored in the galley like any standard trolley and its lightweight design complies with aircraft weight and balance requirements. Media Trolley is fully qualified for aircraft use. A fire detection and extinguishing system is integrated for the ultimate in-flight safety. 

Content à la Carte

Media Trolley is the ideal way to transport multimedia tablets on board of aircraft. It is suitable for all types of content providers including local content without wireless networks as well as streaming solutions.

Protective case for easy handling
Tablets are easy to handle for the cabin crew especially in combination with the tailor made case available from Lufthansa Systems. While it offers a protection for each tablet it also enables a push-to-release type of distribution of each tablet – just like a meal tray. For the passengers the cases have an integrated stand to be positioned on the in-seat table for an optimal viewing position. And towards the end of the flight it is as easy as possible for the crew to return each tablet to its storage position ready to be charged. Charging and content uploading processes are monitored for each tablet by LED indicators.

Ready for early window content
The perfect match: Media Trolley + tablets of choice + BoardConnect. With BoardConnect Lufthansa Systems offers a wireless streaming solution to fill the passanger's plate with just the perfect inflight entertainment. Movies, menus, duty-free shopping, destination information, passenger announcements and much more: everything that touches on entertainment and information can easily be integrated into Lufthansa Systems' wireless infotainment platform. With the case for each tablet Media Trolley is ready and approved for early window content distribution. 


  • Dimensions according to Atlas standard
  • Weight (empty, approx.): 35kg (half size trolley) / 60 kg (full size trolley)
  • Stowage/charging capacity: 30 tablets in a half size trolley and 60 tablets in a full size trolley
  • Power: one single plug. 110-230 V AC, 50-440 Hz