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With Maintwise, we offer an engineering consulting service that focuses on synchronizing maintenance requirements and airline processes. Our customers receive the most suitable maintenance solution for their specific needs; the optimal maintenance concept for your operation while balancing the conflicting targets: availability, stability, flexibility, MRO cost and technical quality. Jana Ludwig, one of the maintenance concept engineers in the team, explains how it works.

  • How did Maintwise come about as a product?

  • As the maintenance company for the Lufthansa Group, we have spent many years focusing on the concept of maintenance and how we can perpetually optimize it. To enable our customers to now also benefit from our experience, we launched our consultancy product Maintwise. Maintwise involves developing a maintenance concept that harmonizes the flight schedule with the maintenance program – adopting an end-to-end approach for each individual customer and bringing together all the departments involved in the airline and its technology.

“We work together with a large team of experienced experts who know a lot about all the types of aircraft covered by Lufthansa Technik – this is one of Maintwise's major strengths.”

Jana Ludwig

  • What precisely does Maintwise include?

  • We provide consultancy services on a modular basis, starting with an Assessment, which compares the customer's current maintenance concept with at least three different concept variations simulated by us with regard to defined KPIs. For example, we show our customers the savings they can potentially achieve and possibilities for generating extra revenue. This is followed by the "Design" module. Once a customer has opted for a concept, we work out the details so they can implement the new maintenance concept within their company. To ensure airlines' competitiveness at an early stage of restart after Corona-Crisis, we have adapted our standard Maintwise product to fulfill our customers' needs. Here, we use a so called Quick Assessment for a first status quo analysis – but with a focus on individual restart targets. Based on this, a continuous maintenance concept adaptation taking into account all the underlying uncertainties will provide the flexibility an airline needs right now.

  • When it then comes to developing a maintenance concept, what are the main criteria?

  • We work together with the customer to identify targets based on our conversations with the management. We have defined five categories of target – availability, stability, flexibility, MRO cost and technical quality. But of course you can't optimize all to perfection at the same time. So we need to work out where our customers currently stand, how they perceive themselves, and the direction they want to develop in.

“We often find out that the different areas in the customer's business don't communicate enough with one another – so one of the immediate major benefits of our service lies in bringing the right people together within the customer's organization.”

Jana Ludwig

  • How do you develop the concept?

  • We start off by simulating the customer's current maintenance concept in our tool. Then we develop a number of different concept variations to suit the customer's targets or wishes – aimed at increasing flexibility or cutting maintenance costs, for example - and present them to the customer on site. After that, one of the concept variations is developed in detail. The customer is presented the results in an extensive dossier including a list of checks, groups and single running tasks that need implemented into the company's own planning tool. If the customer requires assistance with this, we also offer this option as an add-on service.

Consulting Service Maintwise

Your benefits

  • Increased aircraft availability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved stability (planning and operations)
  • Increased flexibility (planning and operations)
  • Improved technical quality

We are Maintwise!

Maintenance Concept - Maintwise

Jana Ludwig and her colleagues are engineers and economists in different fields (industrial, mechanical, economics) with experience in a range of tasks and projects in aircraft maintenance. They all share the same enthusiasm for their work. A powerful team for a rewarding task!

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