Process Optimization Consulting

Lumics GmbH & Co. KG, established in autumn 2013 as a 50-50 joint venture of Lufthansa Technik AG and McKinsey & Company, is specialized in providing consultancy services for industrial manufacturing and production companies. The focus of the company's consultancy services is on the optimization of complex production processes and the operational implementation of this optimization for potential customers in the aviation, automotive, energy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The joint venture , headquartered at the Lufthansa base in Hamburg, is the fruit of several years of cooperation between Lufthansa Technik and McKinsey.

The new company combines many years of process experience from the world's leading maintenance service provider in the civil aviation industry with the expertise of the world's leading corporate consultancy. Lumics thus combines analytical and practical knowledge in the best possible way. Alongside classical consultancy services, the new company also offers very practical support in the tangible improvement of various work processes and production processes. The Lumics personnel not only put together new production processes; they also manage and coordinate the entire change and implementation cycle through to the establishment phase.

Lumics currently has a staff of 13; current growth plans foresee up to 30 staff by the end of 2014. In contrast to common practice in the consulting sector, the team consists not only of management consultants, but also of industrial master craftspersons and mechanics who previously worked directly on aircraft themselves. This increases credibility and effective persuasiveness on the shop floor, and the combination of an internal and an external perspective makes it easier to recognize, analyze and resolve certain types of problems.