Lufthansa Technik Intercoat

High-performance materials for component repair

Lufthansa Technik Intercoat GmbH, established on 1 January, 2001, is a joint venture of Lufthansa Technik AG (51 percent) and Intercon Holding GmbH (49 percent).  More than 30 personnel work at the 1,000-square-meter site in Kaltenkirchen, to the north of Hamburg. The company specializes in the repair of components, damaged by wear, corrosion, and cavitation, with the "Advanced Epoxy Coating" process. Components which, in the past, would have had to be scrapped and replaced, can now be refurbished and continue to be used. 

  • 2015 Intercoat Oil Pump
    Coating the pump chamber of an oil pump
  • 2015 Intercoat Interfill
    INTERFILL® is applied at a thickness of 0.05 to 0.5 millimetres
  • 2015 Intercoat Flange
    Coating the flange of an engine intake housing
  • 2015 Intercoat Hydraulic Pump
    Working on a hydraulic pump
  • 2015 Intercoat Blasting
    Blasting of a pneumatic valve

The proven repair procedure has been continuously improved over the years, and the INTERFILL® material has become established as a product name. INTERFILL® is a material that has been tested for airworthiness and which not only restores the usability of the components, but also leaves them with better operational characteristics than they had in the original state. In order to develop its special characteristics, it is applied like a paste at a thickness ranging from 0.05 to 0.5 millimeters and then cured in a fan-forced kiln. For locally isolated damage, it is possible to fill to a depth of up to 5.0 millimeters. Several variants of the material have been developed, differing in terms of their abrasion resistance, media resistance, and effective operating temperature ranges.

Although INTERFILL® – a mixture of epoxy resin and application-specific filling materials – was initially used exclusively as a high-performance material for engine repair, it now finds almost universal application throughout all parts of an aircraft. The field of application for the "Advanced Epoxy Coating" procedure outside of the aviation industry is also considerable. Already today, many industrial components from the automotive engineering, shipping, gas turbine and machine construction industries are repaired with this high-performance material, opening up new market potential for Lufthansa Technik Intercoat.

Premium repair procedures with INTERFILL® have stood the test, thanks to the outstanding characteristics, the wide variety of potential applications, and the enormous savings potential. The long delivery times for replacement OEM parts mean that there are advantages that go beyond time itself. Above all, significant financial savings of up to 90 percent are possible by avoiding the cost-intensive use and storage of new spare parts from the original manufacturer.

In order to achieve solutions for the future today, the engineers at Lufthansa Technik Intercoat are continually refining exisiting repair procedures and looking for new possible applications. The Kaltenkirchen-based company, certified by EASA, FAA, TCCA, CAAC and Rolls Royce, benefits from the intense cooperation with the parent company, Lufthansa Technik AG in terms of the exchange of technical expertise and the implementation of new repair methods. These benefits are shared by customers. In 2013, the existing operatingequipment for repairs (e.g. a 3D coordinate measurement machine) were supplemented with a modern 5-axis milling machine. This investion and the equipment already available will allow Lufthansa Technik Intercoat to also produce small-run components.