Lufthansa Technik Budapest

Base maintenance of narrow body aircraft

Situated at Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Hungary, Lufthansa Technik Budapest offers base maintenance services for the Boeing 737 Next Generation/MAX  and for the A320 family of aircraft. The company, which is fully owned by Lufthansa Technik , was set up in 2000 and is part of the international aircraft overhaul network. Lufthansa Technik Budapest was founded on the model of its Irish sister company based in Shannon. Around 450 highly skilled engineers and mechanics perform base maintenance checks on an average of 160 medium-range aircraft every year. 

  • 2018 LHT Budapest Hangar
    Lufthansa Technik Budapest
  • 2018 LHT Budapest Bay
    The 6,000 square feet double bay hangar has sufficient space for five aircraft to be overhauled.
  • 2018 LHT Budapest Installation
    Satellite antenna installation
  • 2018 LHT Budapest Landing Gear
    Services for landing gear

The 6,000 square feet double bay hangar has sufficient space for five aircraft to be overhauled and for minor work to be carried out on a further two aircraft in other 2 hangars ( one of them is an inflatable one ) , all at the same time. In addition to maintenance services that include D, IL and C checks, Lufthansa Technik Budapest also offers paint stripping and painting services for aircraft. One aircraft can be painted in the hangar right after being overhauled. This means that they do not have to be specially towed to a paintshop before the work can commence, saving time and costs. An ultra-modern ventilation system ensures that no toxic substances escape into the air.

The Hungarian subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik has numerous workshops spread over a total of almost 2,800 square feet of floor space. These include shops for non-destructive flaw-crack testing, cabin fitting work and flight control systems. The company, which is certified to EASA Part 145, also specializes in extensive repairs to the aircraft structure and in modifications including SATCOM installation for providing on board internet service. In 2009 Lufthansa Technik Budapest became Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved repair station. The range of services offered is continually expanding.

Lufthansa Technik Budapest is part of the international network of Lufthansa Technik for the overhaul of medium-range and long-range aircraft, which has sites altogether in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Apart from Lufthansa Technik Budapest, these are: Berlin Schönefeld, Shannon in Ireland, the two subsidiaries in Malta and Sofia, Bulgaria, Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International in Frankfurt, Lufthansa Technik Philippines, Ameco Beijing in China and the Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico. Within the network, Lufthansa Technik offers a wide range of overhaul services for Airbus and Boeing aircraft, from minor checks and modifications to the D check, which is the complete overhaul of a commercial aircraft.