Lufthansa LEOS

The ground support specialists

Founded in 1995, Lufthansa Engineering and Operational Services GmbH (LEOS) is a fully owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG that specializes in ground services at the major German airports. Its core competencies include aircraft towing, Crew transportation and maintenance service for ground support equipment and vehicles. The company employs circa 300 staff at sites in Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg.

At Frankfurt airport LEOS performs all maintenance towing operations, aircraft positioning and B747 pushbacks for Lufthansa only, while in Düsseldorf it is responsible for all aircraft towing services at the airport. As well as towing operations, Lufthansa LEOS provides transport services, such as crew transportation, courier and chauffeur services in all of Germany. For this purpose it uses a flexible taxi system: while LEOS buses are on standby at the crew center at all times, for long-haul flights there are fixed departure times to ensure that flights get off to a punctual and smooth start. Both towing operations and transport services are monitored with the aid of an own designed IT-supported control system that documents all trips.

In Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich LEOS operates a maintenance service for ground support equipment and vehicles. In its workshops it not only maintains its own operating resources such as tow vehicles, aircraft jacks and docking facilities, but it also looks after stations belonging to other airports.

Lufthansa LEOS is well established as a ground services provider at international airports thanks to future relevant innovations. The specialist company demonstrates for instance with the help of the innovation projects TaxiBot and eSchlepper how important it will be in the future to reconcile both economic and ecological optimization processes.