Lufthansa Technik Component Services

Component services for North and South America

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, Lufthansa Technik Component Services offers a comprehensive bandwidth of services for aircraft components. With its five locations throughout the United States, the 100-percent Lufthansa Technik subsidiary is dedicated to serving customers with a skilled workforce of about 100 in North and South America.

Lufthansa Technik Component Services is responsible for serving customers with single Component Maintenance (SCM), Total Component Maintenance (TCM), Total Component Support (TCS®) and Total Material Operations (TMO®) contracts in North and South America. Single Component Maintenance includes the complete test, repair, overhaul, and modification service for a great range of aircraft components. Here the company relies on its own US-based component workshops as well as on the comprehensive repair capabilities of the Lufthansa Technik component shops in Hamburg and Frankfurt, Germany.

The Lufthansa Technik Component Services (LTCS) workshops in Tulsa offers test and repair services for avionics components. The shop is located at Tulsa International Airport and has about 35,000 square meters of workshop floorspace. It is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and tooling. The core of the shop is an ATEC series 6 automatic avionics test facility. Applying Lufthansa Technik standards, processes and procedures, LTCS has been certificated by FAA and EASA.

The various customer service and product sales offices in the United States ensure high quality customer service as well as customer proximity. Closed loop customers (SCM and TCM customers) are supported by the product sales and customer service office located in Tulsa as well as the SCM product sales office in Miami. Pool customers are serviced by the customer service and account management teams in Fort Lauderdale (TCS® customers) and San Francisco (TMO® customers). Furthermore, due to the close collaboration with Lufthansa Technik's subsidiary Lufthansa Technik Logistik America, Lufthansa Technik Component Services offers the entire MRO process from parts receiving and repair to redelivery at competitive turnaround times. Customers benefit from on-site customer service, the complete range of material management, warehousing and 24 hour availability on a variety of aircraft components, mainly for the A320, such as hydraulic pumps, gear drives and avionics, on stock in large exchange pools at facilities in Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco and New York (JFK).