Lufthansa Super Star Gesellschaft

Dedicated organization to get the Super Star back to life

Lufthansa Super Star Gesellschaft (LSSG) has appointed Lufthansa Technik with the restoration of this vintage propliner to the highest levels in terms of safety, reliability and comfort. This immense task can only be accomplished by the best in the industry. Therefore it was only a natural choice that Lufthansa Technik, a subsidiary within the Lufthansa Group and the world‘s leading provider of maintenance, repair, and overhaul services has been asked to complete this demanding task. 

On the wings of a legend

When the Lockheed Super Star entered commercial service in 1957, the jet age was about to commence on North Atlantic routes. The L-1649A thereby heralded the grand finale of the legendary piston propeller era between Europe and North America. 

An icon of American aviation history

Earlier versions of the famous Lockheed Constellation series, initiated by the legendary "aviator" Howard Hughes, had already been trailblazers of world air travel. But it was the honor of those 44 produced L-1649A's to literally open up new horizons. Being the first airliner to fly nonstop between "old" and "new" world, the Super Star considerably shortened travel times across the pond. But even the most impressive performance data couldn't hide the fact that the advent of the jet age over the North Atlantic in 1958 terminated the era of the great Trans-Atlantic propliners for good. 

The splendor of today, with a taste of the past

In contrast to most other vintage civil airliner restoration projects, the Lockheed L-1649A will be certified in the highest passenger transport category and operated with a pressurized cabin at high altitudes. Achieving this goal may sound easy but it's quite the contrary. LSSG has spared no effort to assure its passengers a safe, smooth, comfortable and reliable ride on board the Lufthansa Super Star.