Engine Wash by Lufthansa Technik

Conventional washing methods entail a lengthy, complex process. To achieve the minimum downtime necessary to make the washing process an integral part of aircraft operations, Lufthansa Technik developed a new, patented technology for washing engines quickly and easily. 

Effects of engine wash

A core engine wash lowers the exhaust gas temperature (EGT), thus reducing the fuel demand.This has the effect of not only cutting costs but of also sparing the environment by producing lower emissions and consuming less fossil fuels. At the same time the improvement of the EGT margin leads to longer engine on-wing time as the material is subject to less stress as well as to lower overhaul costs. Overall, an engine wash substantially reduces aircraft operating costs. 

Saving time and costs

The patented technical features of Cyclean® system enable a highly efficient engine cleaning. By injecting thinly vaporized water directly into the core engine, it is no longer necessary to disconnect sense lines prior to the wash. This obviates the need to reconnect the sense lines and to perform a post-wash run-up. In this way, Cyclean® brings substantial time and cost savings, with both operating and maintenance costs reduced. Complementing Lufthansa Technik's portfolio of engine services, the Cyclean® system provides operators with an efficient way of making the optimum use of the life cycle of their engines. 

Continued development of Cyclean®

The latest generation of Cyclean® wash units is now equipped additionally with an integrated glycol mixing system, which allows the dispensed admixture of antifreeze agent to be added to the water. The result is a considerable extension of the operating limit down to below zero: Engine washes up to minus 10 degrees Celsius are now possible with the new system. 

Customer benefits

  • EGT margin improvements of up to 15°C
  • Fuel flow reduction up to 1%
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to longer on-wing time
  • No run-up required after wash
  • Less man-hours due to a short service time
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to lower fuel demand, emissions and water consumption
  • Cost savings up to 500 US-dollars per wash compared to competitors
  • Wastewater collection system guarantees clean and safe collection of the polluted water without any negative impact on the environment
  • Short service time (< 1 hour) leads to enormous time savings and makes scheduling a lot easier
  • Quick and easy washing at the gate possible during transit
  • Global wash network with worldwide Cyclean® service stations
  • Engine washing interval recommendation by Lufthansa Technik