Additional Services

Safe transport services
Efficient and safe logistics

Landing gears aren't comparable to other aircraft components, and that for more reasons than just their size. The best example is the task of transporting a shipset to a customer location on another continent. Through its subsidiary Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services, Lufthansa Technik can deliver a landing gear to any location a customer requires. Lufthansa Technik has developed a proprietary transport system for a number of landing gear types. This system consists of a specially designed transport platform that holds a complete shipset. The cost of transporting the shipset is reduced, because the space required on a freighter aircraft is kept to a minimum. At the same time, the possibility of damage during shipment is drastically diminished. 

Special care for your landing gears

  • Safety first was one of the reasons why Lufthansa Technik has designed special shadow boards to protect each individual landing gear type during the overhaul process.
  • To be equipped for the future up to A380 landing gears, Lufthansa Technik is working amongst others with a new five axle milling machine, new grinder and a suitable NDT (Non Destructive Testing) test bench.
  • To provide the best service to our customer, all Lufthansa Technik Airbus Nose Landing Gears are passing a computerized test bench, where all relevant test parameter will be checked and adjusted, so that a Nose Landing Gear delivered from Lufthansa Technik is ready for installation and does not need any further adjustments on wing.