Product Divisions: Landing Gear

No weaknesses allowed

The landing gear is a vital and robust component of the aircraft, for which there is no built-in redundancy. To ensure that the jolt of a very bad landing can be reliably withstood without any problems, only high-strength components and materials are employed in the construction of this technically sophisticated assembly, which has to be taken apart and completely overhauled after eight to ten years at the latest.

In recognition of the peculiarities of landing gear overhauls, in 2006 Lufthansa Technik set up a dedicated Landing Gear Services product division with four locations around the world. Together with Hawker Pacific Aerospace in Sun Valley, California, Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services UK in London, and Ameco Beijing, this product division is optimally positioned to provide global services covering every conceivable aspect of landing gear.

Given that a complete landing gear overhaul is estimated to take between three and six weeks, depending on type, the customer often receives an already overhauled landing gear set at an agreed time in exchange. Removing the original landing gear and fitting the replacement set then takes only three to five days, following which the original set is overhauled in the product division ready for the next aircraft or a different customer. The Lufthansa Technik Group holds a comprehensive stock of replacement landing gear legs.

The procedures followed in the workshop are quite different from those adopted for other components. The aim is to industrialize the landing gear overhaul and to maintain a steady, standard tempo as the landing gear legs proceed through a sequence of predetermined stages, from disassembly to cleaning, stripping, damage assessment, electroplating and beyond. However, it is not always possible to maintain the aspired-to pace, as not infrequently an unpleasant surprise emerges at the damage assessment stage following disassembly: if any hitherto invisible damage such as corrosion or other defects should come to light, the scope of the repair work has to be expanded significantly.

The possibility of scrapping a component is only considered in the Landing Gear product division when every repair option has been exhausted. Purchasing a new part is the most expensive solution for the customer. Moreover, scrapping a major subassembly is often a problem due to the long delivery lead time.

Lufthansa Technik overhauls all landing gear types for all the large commercial airliners. With its airline background, the company ensures that its accumulated experience is reflected in cost efficiency and technical quality at the highest level for the customer – in all four of the product division's workshops. This means that our customers can count on the same consistently high standard of quality, irrespective of the site at which the work is performed.