Laboratory Services

The aviation lab

Lufthansa Technik's central laboratory services offer a comprehensive range of analytical tools needed to support airline and MRO operations. Quality assurance for a broad range of materials forms the basis of the portfolio. The laboratories will also provide the correct conclusion from the analytical result, something a laboratory without airline background is not able to offer. Furthermore, a broad range of engineering and consulting services has become an integrated part of the laboratory's daily business. From individual questions to complex engineering issues – the Lufthansa Technik specialists are prepared to take on any airline and MRO-related task. 

Aircraft fluid monitoring

For the examination of all aircraft on-board fluids like engine oil and fuel, the laboratory has a full spectrum of in-house capabilities. It offers root cause investigations e.g. by identification of chemical and physical fluid contaminants such as traces of non-system fluids or by isolation and successive identification of particles from fluids and filters. Specific monitoring programs enable customers to optimize fluid and filter change intervals to prevent e.g. filter clogging or O-ring hardening/cracking. All steps are designed to be quick, easy and reliable. Taking samples is supported by a handy Fluid Sample Kit. 

Aviation material compatibility evaluation

Aircraft and their components are treated with numerous substances such as cleaning agents and lubricants, which have to be tested for harmful effects when applied to specific materials and for compliance with aircraft specifications. In addition, manufacturers and users of innovative agents have to test their products prior to approval and use in the field. Lufthansa Technik's "Laboratory Services" therefore offers a comprehensive evaluation service to confirm the compatibility of substances and agents for surface treatment, cleaning or machining with aviation materials. 

Aviation material failure analysis

Aircraft materials are exposed to stress and aging during flight operation, sometimes causing damage and failures. To identify the causes, Laboratory Services offers a comprehensive range of analytical investigations. The results enable the experts to advise not only on the failure mechanism, but also on future damage prevention or MRO process optimization

The "Laboratory Services" team can draw on several decades of experience in failure analysis. A comprehensive metallurgical analysis produces all the data necessary to identify the failure mechanism and the potential root cause. 

Material Flammability Test Center (MFTC)

To prevent fires from starting and to halt them in their tracks as soon as possible, every material to be used in an aircraft must be tested following strict specifications. With a large variety of aviation flammability tests the Material Flammability Test Center offers complete investigation and substantiation on a broad range of aircraft interior materials.

Furthermore, consultants can guide customers seeking the appropriate test package through the applicable aviation authority regulations. To complete the process, witnessing by authorized Part-21 engineering staff can be arranged.