IQ MOVE is the process-oriented, integrated management system of Lufthansa Technik that enables its staff to gain a quick and secure overview of their processes.

Within a web-based application, IQ MOVE provides a link between subjects such as aviation law, quality, environmental protection and health & safety at work and operational sequences. Based on this representation of the structural and workflow organization of the company, IQ MOVE has been certified and approved as satisfying the aviation regulatory requirements.

A comprehensive operational concept ensures the ongoing further development of the processes and continuous improvement of the management system.

IQ MOVE enables employees to access all the process information relevant to their daily work in a few steps. Because the requirements of aviation authorities and standards alike are integrated into the process descriptions, every member of staff can be sure of knowing all the information relevant to a given activity.

The IQ MOVE management system consists of two elements, the Management Manual and the role-based process descriptions.