A clear goal and vision

There is no shortage of good ideas; the great challenge is to choose the right ones. Lufthansa Technik's innovation strategy is built on the targeted and systematic identification and implementation of the most important issues.

Relevant technological trends are identified, in accordance with the corporate strategy, and experts from all business areas derive appropriate innovation projects from these trends. Furthermore, suggestions and ideas from customers are also taken on within the innovation portfolio. The projects are assessed by an interdisciplinary committee in which Lufthansa Technik participates, looking at issues of market potential, customer benefit, feasibility, practicability, and strategic value. A multi-level evaluation and decision-making process is used to produce an innovation roadmap, where the projects to be implemented are fixed.

The Innovation Roadmap is continually being expanded with new areas by technology scouts and people with ideas from all fields. This ensures that Lufthansa Technik is always able to offer its customers the right product at the right time.