Induction Cooking Platform

Fresh Culinary Excellence at new heights

The continuous effort by airlines to further differentiate service and quality of the various booking classes places a high demand on the kitchen appliances on aircrafts. First class and Premium Business Class passengers expect an extraordinary experience including high-end catering. The Induction Cooking Platform provides an innovative and unique opportunity to freshly prepare gourmet dishes on board. 

New possibilities

Imagine new in-flight catering opportunities that elevate the passenger experience ranging from, but not limited to, a perfectly pan seared steak for dinner, freshly grilled prawns for lunch or fluffy, buttery pancakes for breakfast. Now it's possible. 

Integrated versatility

The new Induction Cooking Platform integrates a variety of applications – InductionApps-for different types of food preparation: pan, toaster/ broiler, rice cooker, wok, steamer and hot kettle. The InductionApps ensure multiple food preparation capabilities and effective workflows due to minimal work space needed from the galley surface. Galley smells are eliminated with the integrated fume hood and an odor filter system. A smart pot containment system covers and holds the InductionApps securely in place during all phases of preparation and cooking – even during turbulences. 

Clean efficiency

Induction cooktop platforms offer many advantages, extremely fast and effective heating and excellent energy efficiency being the most important ones. An electromagnet below the glass surface creates a strong thermal field that heats the base of the pot but not the cooktop itself. This allows the heat to be distributed more efficiently and faster than with a conventional hob with electric hotplates. As the cooking surface remains relatively cool, splashes of food can no longer burn into the cooktop, making cleaning an easy task. 

Customer advantages

  • Fast, simple in-flight cooking
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy cleaning
  • Safe and secure one-hand operation unit