Lufthansa Technik Services India

Component support for India and South-East Asia

Founded in 2008 and based at the Menzies Aviation Bobba Cargo Terminal at the international airport of Bangalore, Lufthansa Technik Services India Pvt. Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG. As the successor to One Stop Airline (OSA) MRO Support Pvt. Ltd., the company operates a service center and a fully air-conditioned warehouse to support airlines in the region and beyond. 

  • 2017 LTSI
    Lufthansa Technik Services India employs almost 100 people.
  • 2017 LTSI Stock
    The company´s main focus is on the component services.
  • 2017 LTSI Warehouse
    The company is involved among other things in logistics and warehousing.

Lufthansa Technik Services India's main focus is on the component services for Airbus aircraft of the types A320 and A330 as well as Boeing 737 and 777. In this connection the company cooperates closely with Lufthansa Technik's Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Desk in Hamburg. Customers enjoy access on a 24/7 basis to the full service spectrum of integrated and comprehensive Total Component Support (TCS®), ranging from the component pool and materials management to customer service and logistics and transport services.

Today, Lufthansa Technik Services India employs almost 100 people that are involved in providing Component Support and Maintenance Services to Airlines in Asia and around the globe. The company is involved in several activities for Lufthansa Technik Group including loan control, materials management, spares provisioning, maintenance and layover material planning, account management, customer services, pool balancing, logistics and warehousing apart from sales functions.

Lufthansa Technik Services India supports airlines in every aspect of their component maintenance requirements; using the extensive network of Lufthansa Technik it has been serving among others, Jet Airways, Go Air, Air India and Sri Lankan Airlines. Lufthansa Technik Services India also owns and manages the home base material stock for customers in India for their single aisle aircraft as well as wide body fleet.

Lufthansa Technik's local presence in India through Lufthansa Technik Services India means that Indian and South-East Asian customers can count on a fast, local materials service for a growing number of aircraft types and rely on highly skilled customer service in their region. Thanks to its sales team located in Mumbai and Delhi, Lufthansa Technik Service India now offers single component maintenance (SCM) as well as the integrated products and is well positioned for the future in this expanding market.