The integrated cabin

INAIRVATION, established in spring 2014, is a 50-50 joint venture of Lufthansa Technik AG and LIST components & furniture GmbH from Austria. The new company bundles the expertise of the world´s leading cabin modification and on-board entertainment electronics development providers with the experience of a leading manufacturer of exclusive interior fittings for private and executive jets, luxury yachts, cruise ships, and luxury residences. The joint venture will respond to customer requests with innovative complete solutions for interior fittings on executive jets. The company is based at the LIST headquarters in Edlitz-Thomasberg, Austria.

Until now, the two companies have worked independently. Lufthansa Technik has developed tailored cabin management systems, whilst LIST has delivered various cabin elements to the aircraft manufacturer, such as interior monuments, galleys, folding tables and side ledges as well as complete interior furnishings. The partnership means that essential key components can now be combined. Bringing together the latest technological developments with high quality, finely crafted cabin interiors enables INAIRVATION to fulfil the demanding expectations of its exclusive clientele for high tech and luxury. Guided by the motto, "Technology meets Cabin", the tailor-made solutions are being born, blurring the lines between on-board electronics, entertainment, and furnishings.

For business jet OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), however, this means more than just high tech developments and quality furnishings; the joint venture also means smooth and integrated project execution from a single provider. Furthermore, INAIRVATION will be working together with other reowned lighting and design companies, such as SCHOTT AG and Design Q, to cover the complete spectrum of cabin interior services. The company, led by two Managing Directors - one each from Lufthansa Technik and LIST components & furniture GmbH - focuses exclusively on the development, marketing, and sales of technologically integrated, integrally designed cabin systems for private and executive aircraft.